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Grandparenting Grandchildren

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New knowledge and know-how for grandparenting the under 5s

Grandparenting Grandchildren is the first guide of its kind written specifically for grandparents, and aims to help you raise well-rounded, ready-to-learn, happy grandchildren. It covers the key influences on healthy development: movement, music, sleep and food, explaining both how they benefit the brain and how to implement them in your grandchild’s life. Learn to build a loving, supportive relationship, while constructing essential life skills for happy, capable, and confident learners.

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“While grandparents are increasingly being drafted to raise their children’s offspring the rules are not always clear cut. Dr Jane Williams, co-author of Grandparenting Grandchildren reveals how to navigate some of the trickier aspects of the role.”

Dr Jane Williams has been working with families and young children for over 45 years. She is currently the Director of ToddlerROO, KindyROO and GymbaROO, and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the College of Health Sciences at James Cook University, Queensland.

Jane’s key focus in the last 20 years has been on the well-being of babies and very young children, particularly in relation to their neurological health and how this plays a fundamental role in a child’s later ability to enjoy school, learn easily and be successful in life. Her PhD investigated the reasons why many children are not detected with subtle developmental and learning problems until they reach school. She has also undertaken research in young school-age children, implementing a movement program and determining the effect of this on development and learning.

Jane’s work has been published extensively: she has updated and revised 365 weekly handouts for GymbaROO-KindyROO parents, written hundreds of articles on early childhood development for families, co-authored the brilliant Active Babies Smart Kids (ABSK) 12-part online series for families with a new baby, and provided educational material to help train professionals in early educational settings. She has presented at conferences all over the world and has been on advisory committees for the ‘Global Scientific Parenting Alliance’ and the Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Advisory Board, Pacific Region.

Dr Tessa Grigg has a wide range of experience within the Early Childhood Education field. She is currently the Research and Education Manager for ToddlerROO, KindyROO and GymbaROO, and a part-time lecturer and teaching assistant at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She has taught in a Primary School, supervised a Pre-school with specialist work in the sensory-motor area, worked as a Child and Family Therapist, taught adult students in the area of teaching and child development, and has owned and operated a GymbaROO centre for 9 years.

Tessa is also the “Tessa” in Tessarose Productions, a business that has produced music for children for over 30 years. Along with musician Brian Ringrose, Tessa formed Tessarose Productions in 1999. The music (all 700 songs) was created with young children’s developmental needs and the latest findings in early education in mind. The songs are simple and slow enough for young children to understand and then respond to, and the words are repetitive and clear so children can sing along.

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“Combining the author’s practical experience as childhood development professionals with the latest international research into the brain, the book helps people understand the key influencers on healthy development in grandchild’s first five years.”

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“a child rearing guide, but addressed specifically to grandparents who are actively engaged in raising pre-schoolers. It covers all the hot topics … behaviour and discipline, eating and nutrition, sleep and healthy physical and cognitive development. I’ll be re-visiting this book again and again, as we face new hurdles with our grandkids, or need to adapt our play to their next stage of development.”

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Grandparenting Grandchildren would be a wonderful gift to give to a new grandparent (or parent). The information is so interesting and relevant that it needs to be shared.

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“For grandparents to help them raise well rounded, ready to learn, emotionally resilient grandchildren … a great guide for spotting and responding to signs along the developmental pathway. Explore and learn together.”

Kids’ Book Review

“Dr Jane Williams, co-author with Dr Tessa Grigg of the non-fiction book, Grandparenting Grandchildren: New Knowledge and Know-how for Grandparenting Under 5s fills us in on exactly how to establish and maintain the magic (of the special grandparent-grandchild relationship)” Click here to read in full

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“Podcast host John Deeks speaks with Dr Jane Williams about the latest research on how children’s brains work and how grandparents can initiate activities that involve movement, activity, imagination and music. Dr Williams offers practical advice on what is important in building a loving, supportive relationship with the grandchildren.” Click here to listen

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“Provides the tools you need to build your grandchildren’s imaginations and strengthen the relationship. It talks about key influences on healthy development of the under fives and re affirms what you instinctively know.”

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“While grandparents are increasingly being drafted to raise their children’s offspring the rules are not always clear cut. Dr Jane Williams, co-author of Grandparenting Grandchildren reveals how to navigate some of the trickier aspects of the role.” Click here to read


AS FEATURED ON RNZ’s NINE TO NOON.  Click here to listen to co-author Dr Tessa Grigg in conversation with Lynn Freeman

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More than ever, we appreciate the grandparents

“Grandparents are increasingly caring for their children, often all day, not just slipping them a cheeky $5 note from up their sleeve during occasional pop-ins, served with cake and tea” Click here to read in full


Why babies and children dream and practical tips for avoiding nightmares

Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg, co-authors of Grandparenting Grandchildren, explain the function of dreaming in young children and how you can help keep the bad dreams at bay. Click here to read in full