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For 21 years Exisle has been producing the kind of books that the very big publishers do not.

Many of our better books came from ideas that our customers came up with. We have quite a lot of book lovers who are in regular contact with us. Some just love our books, others like being involved with what we do, some wish we would publish more of this and less of that, but we all care about quality books and keeping book publishing lively and interesting.

Our authors are, of course, all completely different, but what they have in common is genuine knowledge and very vivid enthusiasm. Many of them are a lot of fun to work with and all of them enrich their readers’ lives with unique, individual stories, ideas and knowledge.

We are an international company with people in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our books are on sale in English throughout these countries, we also sell translation rights internationally.

EK Books is our children’s book imprint which has its own vibrant community. Each of these books serves a purpose but the titles are also fun and beautifully illustrated. You can learn more at

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