Recounts, exposés and histories of ANZ politics and beyond, written by the people who have lived, learned and understand them best.

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Deceptions of World War II

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From camouflage techniques to deception tactics

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Bluff and camouflage were vital wartime tactics. At home and in the Pacific, artists and photographers like William Dobell and Max Dupain were drafted into bold and creative efforts. Enjoy the ingenious and outrageous acts of military subterfuge of WWII. From disguising military bases as market gardens to creating mythical brigades in the Pacific, to fictitious spy networks feeding the enemy false information, these absorbing stories unveil the war-winning deceptions – and their masterminds.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

Secret Heroes of World War II

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Spies, scientists and other heroes

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Look behind the curtain and meet the engineers, resistance fighters, spies, physicists and more who committed incredible acts of heroism amidst the chaos and danger of WWII. From the priest who hid thousands of POWs and Jews in the Vatican, to the Antipodean servicewoman who led a formidable Resistance group, prepare to be awed and captivated.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

Today in New Zealand History (Paperback)

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From the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Alexander Turnbull Library, this glorious, fully illustrated discovery of New Zealand’s key times brings history to life. The 3rd edition, now in paperback! Each day of the year features a story ranging from the nation-forming to the quirky. A timeline lists key events that have shaped the course of New Zealand’s political and constitutional development, while Born on this Day boxes scattered throughout provide details on around 100 figures of significance to New Zealand history.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback| 280 x 210 mm | Approximately 500 Colour Photographs | 304 Pages |

First Among Equals (2nd Edition)

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Australia’s prime ministers from Barton to Morrison

Since Federation in 1901, 29 men and one woman have served in the position of Australian prime minister. Some have had the position thrust upon them. Some have plotted and schemed their way to the top. Four have served more than once. Three have died in office. Eight have been unceremoniously dumped by their own party.

Revised and updated to include Scott Morrison, this new edition tells the story of each of these prime ministers, setting their actions in the context of their time.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820485 | Paperback | 210 x 135mm | 208 Pages


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An Investigative Reporter’s Journey Through the World of Truth Prevention, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories.

There is a war on truth. And the liars are winning. There is an increasingly large number of weapons in the arsenal of the rich, the powerful and the elected to prevent the truth from coming out — to bury it, warp it, twist it to suit their purposes. Truthteller reveals how governments and corporations have covered-up mass murder, corruption and catastrophe. In a world where Putin and Trump have successfully branded journalists as traffickers in fake news, while promoting the actual creators of fake news, an investigative reporter shows the tools that are used to deceive us and explains why they work. Using exclusive documents and interviews drawn from three decades as an award-winning reporter, editor, foreign correspondent, television producer, documentary filmmaker, and journalism educator, Stephen Davis reveals shocking details of deception in the United States, the UK, Russia, Sweden, the Baltic republics, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the Arctic and Antarctic.

“The idea of bringing justice to people who have none, the idea of uncovering secrets that people don’t want you to find out is what really motivates me” – Stephen Davis – Newsworthy  

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925335897 | Paperback | 210 x 135 mm / 8.25 x 5.25 inches | 264 pages