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Mind Kind

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Your Child’s Mental Health

In Mind Kind you will not find parenting techniques, but rather a parenting philosophy. Recognizing that there are no absolute answers, distinguished psychotherapist, mother and grandmother Dr Joanna North instead aims to help you become aware of the types of emotional support your child may need. Through following this practical advice, you can help your child grow a strong and resilient mind, even when going through difficult times.

Mind Kind: Your Child’s Mental Health helps parents and carers support their children towards positive mental health and wellbeing. Mind Kind devotes chapters to behaviour management; helping children in difficult times; dealing with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression; eating disorders; family break-ups, divorce and step-parenting. Dr North also addresses common parental misunderstandings and provides the tools to create an environment that promotes positive mental health.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm / 9 x 6 inches | 256 Pages

Dr Joanna North is a Doctor of Psychotherapy, a Chartered Psychologist and a Chartered Scientist with 30 years of experience working with children, adults and families. She lives in the UK where she works as an expert witness for the Family Court and runs a private clinical practice. Her previously published books are How to Think About Caring for a Child with Difficult Behaviour (2010) and Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children (2014). Jo has been recognized by the British Psychological Society with the 2017 CPS Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in Practice Award for her work with adopted children.

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Episode one Child Mental Health in the Covid Crisis

Offspring Magazine

Secure Children – Offspring Magazine

DEVELOPMENT / Sep ‘2019 DEVELOPMENT / SEP ‘2019 Parents start to become anxious if their children do not conform to social norms because parents instinctively know that a child’s social survival is very important.

Offspring Magazine

Love is not Enough – Offspring Magazine

PARENTING / Sep ‘2019 PARENTING / SEP ‘2019 In her new book Mind Kind award winning child psychologist, Dr Joanna North, advocates for a new approach to parenting that has kindness and self-compassion at its heart.

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Mind Kind Your Child’s Mental Health with Dr Joanna North

Mind Kind: Your Child’s Mental Health gives vital insight into the world of mental health and provides a value based system to help parents and carers to connect with their children and support them towards positive mental health and wellbeing.

Mum’s at the Table 

The surprising solution to your step-parenting problems

There are few rules on which we can rely in the arena of step-parenting but one of the clear messages to emerge is that it is not necessary for you to love your stepchild.

Kidspot featured an extract and video

Why you should listen to your child’s emotions

“You don’t have to know immediately; you just have to stop, listen and respond in a kind way.” Listening to your child’s emotions will enhance their wellbeing, support their development and make them happier and more confident. Emotions are a primitive form of communication, a connection between the brain and the body.

Creative Kids Tales Q&A with author Joanna North.

“Take time to reflect on your child’s life and how that is fundamentally affected by your state of mind and your values and behaviours” Click here to view

The Irish Examiner featured
“In her latest book Mind Kind, North offers, not prescriptive parenting techniques, but a guide to rethinking the parenting mindset. Her objective is to help parents become more aware of the types of emotional support children may need.”


United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Magazine
“There are many books that give advice on childrearing, but what’s so refreshing here is that rather than proffering advice it offers both parents and therapists a set of coherent values – a simple philosophy of parenting.”

“a practical parenting guide to help you child navigate your mental health. Learn how to notice the signs of struggle and get them help” featured
“Whether it’s stress or anxiety caused by family breakdowns, self‐image issues, self‐harm, eating disorders or depression, in Mind Kind, it’s all about learning the skill of being kind to your child’s mind.” Click here to view


Christie U. Via Goodreads rated it ★★★★★
“As a psychology major and as someone that works as an instructional aide for a school, I believe it is imperative to focus on ensuring that our children are psychology healthy. The author of this book focuses on what we can do to help our children have a healthier mental outlook. This was a great read!” Click here to Read More

Tracy W. Via Goodreads rated it ★★★★
“This is a sensible, well written book which doesn’t talk down to the reader even when the advice seems a little obvious. Bringing up children doesn’t end at any particular age, nor does it get any easier as time goes on. In fact it is more likely to involve spouses and grandchildren as well and the problems they need help with.” Click here to Read More

Rachel C. Via Goodreads rated it ★★★★☆
“This book is for any parent not just those who’s children are struggling with anxiety or their mental health. Every parent needs to be mind kind (I love the phrase) and this book really made me think about how everything I do as a mum impacts upon my children’s mental health. Things that I wouldn’t even think about.” Click here to Read More

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