Parenting Made Simple

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Straightforward, Practical Strategies for Common Childhood Challenges

All children go through periods of poor behaviour, so parents need strategies to manage this. In this practical guide, Dr Sarah Hughes offers a warm and commonsense approach all parents can benefit from. Dr Hughes delves into the behavioural development of children and roots out just why kids can’t always behave well. She answers hard questions with real-world examples and offers easy-to-implement, realistic approaches parents can adapt to a style of parenting that suits them.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820324| Paperback | 229 x 152 mm / 9 x 6 inches | 240 Pages

Dr Sarah Hughes is a clinical psychologist and the founder and director of Think Clinical Psychologists. She completed her clinical training at the University of Sydney and holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in child and adolescent anxiety disorders. She has a decade’s worth of experience working with kids, teens, adults, and families experiencing a wide range of difficulties, including: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and relationship issues. Sarah is also the author of the successful self-help guide, Skip the Drama: Practical, Get-Ahead Strategies to Survive Your Daughter’s Teenage Years (Exisle), and regularly appears on Channel 7’s The Morning Show as their parenting expert.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“a must read for all parents of young children who are looking for strategies to help guide both them and their children through the ever-changing  landscape of the ‘new  norm’.”

The Government Schools Guide
 “There is a whole chapter dedicated to anxiety; how to identify when it has become a problem for your child, and simple advice that parents and carers can follow to help children build resilience and cope in a world where the stresses are real and impossible to ignore.”
”Exactly what you should tell your kids about coronavirus” Click here to read more

TripleM Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley – Terry for Breakfast
“Aims to be a pretty comprehensive bible for parents” Click here to view

Family Focus Blog
“Dr. Sarah Hughes is the author of the brand new parenting book- Parenting Made Simple…. It’s a practical guide for dealing with parenting challenges. It provides parents with steps and tools to understand and help their child.” Click here to read in full 

Mums at the Table

How to help your child resolve conflicts

Skills for making friends is one thing, but your child also needs skills for maintaining friendships and resolving conflict. Kids can be inconsiderate and uncharitable-some deliberately, others out of sheer thoughtlessness-so playground run-ins will unfortunately be a reasonably regular occurrence.

Just Kidding Magazine

Radio New Zealand

Child psychologist Dr Sarah Hughes-Parenting Made Simple

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