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The Wisdom Years (Audiobook)

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Unleashing your potential in later life

We are now experiencing one of the most significant revolutions in human life: the dramatic rise in life expectancy.

The Wisdom Years is a practical, thought-provoking and life-changing listen that reveals how we can re-frame our mindset so that we live life based on our ‘functional age’ rather than our ‘chronological age’.

The result from this audiobook  carries a unique and inspiring message: life after retirement is to be enjoyed as a new, exciting and uplifting journey of personal evolution.

Narrated by Jonathan Moffat

Zvi Lanir, PhD is the founding president of the Praxis Institute which, for over 30 years, has specialised in various aspects of coping with disruptive change in personal, social, economic and strategic domains. During the past 15 years, Dr Lanir has conducted interdisciplinary research to reveal the gaps between the common knowledge on ageing and the new opportunities for living our advanced years differently. Dr Zvi Lanir is a graduate of the Israel Defense Forces’ Command and Staff College. He has a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a visiting scholar at New York’s Columbia University.

Age Concern NZ in Senior Matters – Review by CEO.
“I completely recommend this book as it can provide insight into those difficult years yet to be chartered, explain the complicated why questions, unravel thinking about what to do next and make sense of the struggle many have getting older but not being old”. Click here to read more

Better Homes and Gardens reviewed
“a practical, thought provoking and life changing read.”

Have a Go News reviewed
“brilliant … If you are of a certain age or mindset this book could change your life.”

Independent Australia extensive review-
“(The) writing reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell and perhaps also Oliver Sacks…‘The Wisdom Years’ demonstrates a respect for humanity and an empathetic approach to an important period in every person’s life. If you feel like you are stuck in familiar and demotivating patterns and experiencing life in negative ways at any age, ‘The Wisdom Years’ will provide potential pathways to improved mental and physical health and greater self-awareness” Click here to read in full 

Blue Wolf reviewed
“For anyone approaching retirement this is a must read” Click here to read in full

Irish Independent Reviewed
“When you don’t feel old, but you are no longer young – you are in the wisdom years” Click here to read more

Jewish Tribune Reviewed
“This highly readable book will be a source of encouragement to the many people advancing in years.”

Midwest Book Review’s “Small Press Bookwatch” features:
“Critique: An exceptional, unique, informatively insightful, thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring read, “The Wisdom Years: Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life” will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to senior citizen center, community, and academic library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.” Click here to read more

The Oldie Magzine’s “Winter Review of Books” Featured
“In his new book, The Wisdom Years, Dr Zvi Lanir describes his personal experience of the ‘hidden age’. He reckons that while he was no longer young, he wasn’t ready to concede that he was old at 67: his true age was a mystery. Below are some extracts, which challenge the commonly held belief that the official retirement age is inevitably the beginning of old age”


Five tips to stay healthy and positive when approaching old age

We live longer than ever before. These tips will help you enjoy your additional ‘wisdom years’ by reframing your mindset so that you live life according to your functional age, not your chronological one. Regular physical exercise is also important for the creation and release into the brain of BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Three myths about old age by Zvi Lanir

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