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A Rare Insight Into Wartime

This book is a visually captivating compendium of photographs and written accounts, it provides a snapshot of what life was like during WWII, from the point of view of those who lived through it.

Descriptions are given by a solider lying in his tent, hearing bombs land close by; young school children explain what it was like to have bomb shelter practices at school; a Land Girl meets the farmer she would work with for the first time.

The New Edition is Here!

Updated and expanded in its second edition, this empowering book presents the ground-breaking techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), covering more topics and providing more practical tools than ever before.

Following on from its million-copy bestselling first edition, The Happiness Trap will help anyone who is facing illness, coping with loss, working in a high-stress job, or suffering from anxiety or depression, to build authentic happiness from the inside out.

For the adult who is trapped in their own psyche

Have you ever had a dream, but let it go because you were too afraid of failure to try?

Dancing with Your Muse is a heartfelt, motivational guide to understanding this fear, realising that you are not alone in it, and working past it to achieve your goals without inhibition.

Written in a gentle, contemplative tone, this book will encourage you to determine and strive for success on your own terms.

39 People. 39 Stories. 1 New Book.

The Turning Point is a rare glimpse into the most important and fascinating moments of people’s lives. A collection of extraordinary entries received in an international writing competition, it contains stories about everyday people, from all over the world.

Find out about the moment when love came along in a note under a windscreen wiper, when the death of a new friend inspired a teenager to live life to its fullest, and more, in this captivating insight into the human condition.

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From audio recordings to curriculum resources, this is content that elevates the reading experience.

The Voices of The Turning Point

The stories that are featured in The Turning Point are deeply personal and often intimate accounts of the human experience.

We asked the contributors of The Turning Point to join us in creating this exciting project – The Voices of The Turning Point.

Organised into 6 parts, just like the book, this collection of audio recordings features stories of life-altering events, read by the people who lived them.

Educator Notes and Resources

Through our children’s book imprint, EK Books, our mission is to inspire a new generation to become lifelong readers and lovers of books – Educators are the people who help make this happen.

To help Educators bring some of the important topics we cover into the classroom, we have developed Teacher’s Notes for all of our children’s picture books. From ages 3-13, and covering topics such as grief, anxiety, domestic violence and climate change, we have classrooms covered.

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