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Skip the Drama – Practical, Get-Ahead Strategies to Survive Your Daughter’s Teenage Years

Dear Reader

Re: This month’s release is exactly what parents of teenage girls need. 

Parenting is a tough gig. Parenting a teenage daughter… well. In her 10 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Sarah Hughes has worked with hundreds of parents who are battling to stay sane and turn challenging teens into considerate, happy and grounded adults.

During her work, Sarah kept seeing the same issues coming up again and again…

  • What if your daughter is selfish?
  • How do you get her off her phone?
  • What happened to that sweet girl who I worked so hard to raise?
  • How do I talk about more sensitive issues… like alcohol, drugs and sex?
  • Is her social media behaviour acceptable?

What parents desperately needed is a practical, easy to implement guide which shows you exactly what to do in every situation. Using the latest understanding of how the teenage brain differs from yours and mine, Skip the Drama will help mothers and fathers grow a stubborn, reckless or challenging teenager into a well-adjusted, respectful, and self-sufficient young woman.

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Extract. Sam can’t understand how the lovely, sweet girl who used to pick flowers for her in their garden has transformed into this selfish monster who ignores her constantly… unless, of course, she wants something! What should Sam do? Read this free extract to find out.

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