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The Certainty Myth

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Chaos and uncertainty surround us. In a world that just keeps changing, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma and breakdowns in relationships are common. But we don’t have to be the victims of our circumstances. For anyone who is struggling with making sense of a world that keeps changing around them, The Certainty Myth will help you rise above the chaos and find emotional stability and happiness. With tools such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and real-world examples, you’ll learn how letting go of certainty can be the key to happiness in today’s world.

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Dr. Toni Lindsay is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working with both adults and adolescents for over 10 years. She works at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and teaches at the University of Melbourne (Adolescent Medicine) and the University of Sydney Nursing School. She is an approved supervisor and works predominately from an Acceptance and Commitment therapy framework. Dr. Lindsay’s experience working clinically (primarily in cancer and palliative care) gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges of managing uncertainty.

New Zealand Women’s Weekly
“Are you waiting for the perfect time? Begin the year with a bang! Clinical psychologist Dt Toni Lindsay says tackling uncertainty could be the key to achieving your goals in 2023”

ABC Radio National All In The Mind
Why uncertainty freaks us out and how to make peace with it. Toni Lindsay is a clinical psychologist who works primarily with cancer patients.  In her book The Certainty Myth she takes the lessons she learned working with that group and translates them for life in general”Click here to listen

That’s So Chronic (NZ) Podcast with Jess Brien
“I was immediately on board with the tone and vibe of the book. There is no jargon, it contains really helpful proven strategies, backed by science, that you can use to relieve the anxiety that comes with uncertainty. I also found that this book helped me understand a bit more about how I react to some situations. I could not put it down. It was so comforting and I got so much out of the book” Click here to listen

RNZ Nine To Noon – Health
“Practical tools to help manage the anxiety that can come about when our lives feel chaotic and uncertain.” Click here to listen 

ABC Darwin Sundays with Rebecca McLaren and Charlie King
“The Certainty Myth is about dealing with anxiety in this modern world. We are used to having structure and order, but things have changed. How do you cope with it.” Click here to listen

Southern FM – Best Medicine with Gaytana Adorna
“Cognitive flexibility is very important. Self-compassion helps build resilience. Reading your book opens a lot of doors for us. It is extraordinarily helpful” Click here to listen

Coast Community News “The book is very much based on the therapy style Lindsay uses with her cancer patients and gives practical advice and options on how to accept difficult things which show up in our lives and keep doing the things that are important.” Click here to listen

ABC Sydney, Evenings with Sarah McDonald We are hardwired to crave certainty, but the reality is that we always live in uncertain times, noone knows what is going to happen around the corner. Dr Toni Lindsay tells us about how to better manage uncertainty and the role of our inner control freak  Click here to listen

Aussie Firebug (Financial Independence Retire Early) podcast
“When anxiety turns up is a bit like our brains are still running on Windows 95. We are still responding to ‘Hey Dude. Look A Tiger Run!’. Our brain has not caught up with the modern world and modern anxiety looks like … Anxiety is kinda like the drunk guy at the cricket. You can just go ‘I see that guy but I am not going to engage with that guy. He can carry on with all the commentary he wants I am just going to focus on hitting the runs” 

Nova 969 The Space podcast
“ As humans, we LOVE certainty. We thrive on a plan, a schedule, and looking to the future. But how much do we really want to know? If there was no room for doubt, there’d also be no room for spontaneity or mystery. In this episode, we’re exploring this idea from Psychologist, Doctor Toni Linsday

Public Service News 
“For anyone who is struggling with making sense of a world that’s ever-changing around them, The Certainty Myth will help you to rise above the chaos and find emotional stability and happiness.” Click here to read

Changing Minds

Access to talk-based therapy is something many people with Lived Experience struggle to access and books like ‘The Certainty Myth’ and others make these tools and questions more accessible.

For those who have experienced anxiety, or are currently navigating that experience, ‘The Certainty Myth’ might serve as a reminder and reframing of our relationship with anxiety. The direct tone and questions help readers to clearly frame and reflect on their own experiences.  ‘The Certainty Myth’ could be a useful resource for those who are starting to explore their relationship with uncertainty and anxiety as a supplement to talk-based and holistic wellbeing practices. Click here to read 

The Certainty Myth is a self-help manual for people who are struggling with the uncertainty that arrives in their life.

 When things are uncertain, it’s easy to feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or angry. And today, it often feels like things are more uncertain than ever before. In fact, chaos and uncertainty seem to surround us. But we don’t have to be the victims of our circumstances.

For anyone who is struggling with making sense of a world that keeps changing around them, The Certainty Myth will help you rise above the chaos and find emotional stability and happiness. With tools such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and real-world examples, you’ll learn how letting go of certainty can be the key to happiness in today’s world.

Drawing from the author’s experience as a Clinical Psychologist helping people cope with the psychological impact of severe illness, you’ll discover proven and simple strategies that are designed to be useful even when your anxiety rises and the simplest tasks can seem complex and overwhelming.

You’ll learn how to avoid burnout, how an awareness of mortality can help you put things in perspective, how to defuse the emotional power that external circumstances hold over your life, and so much more. Free from jargon yet thoroughly researched and backed by science and experience, discover the keys to rising above certainty in your life. Uncertainty may be inevitable, but suffering from it does not have to be.

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