ISBN: 9781925820829

How to Get a Good Job After 50 (2nd edition)

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A step-by-step guide to job search success

These days, many people are looking to stay in the workforce longer and are seeking satisfying, fulfilling jobs. How to Get a Good Job After 50 is a step-by-step guide to taking control of your career with expertise and confidence. With age comes experience, reliability and practised skills, and this book explains how to market these qualities to prospective employers in clear, practical chapters. Covering all aspects of the job search, this is a tried and tested recipe for career success!

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820829 | Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6in | 320 Pages

Also available in eBook

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Rupert French has been actively involved in helping job seekers for almost 40 years. In that time he has developed and delivered highly successful job-search training and coaching programs. He has also presented on effective job search methodology at numerous career conferences, both national and international. This revised edition of How to Get a Good Job After 50 is his fourth book on successful job searching.

Together with his experience as an employment counsellor and job search trainer, he brings skills developed in previous careers in journalism and teaching to clearly guide his readers through the often confusing and daunting process of finding work.

Experience in a diverse range of other occupations — including having crewed on a square-rigged sailing ship — has provided him with a good understanding of a variety of different careers and helped him ensure that his methodology caters for all.

Age Concern
These days, many people are looking to stay in the workforce longer and are seeking satisfying, fulfilling jobs. How to Get a Good Job After 50 is a step-by-step guide to taking control of your career with expertise and confidence”

Healthy Ageing
“If you have not yet been successful, build your confidence and demonstrate it in all your dealings with prospective employers. It’s an approach that works, and it can work for you!”
Click here for the full article.

The F
“With age comes experience, reliability and practised skills, and this book explains how to market these qualities to prospective employers.” Click here for the full review.

Lola Brocklesby, international online career coach
“A brilliant and comprehensive guide [that] puts you, the job seeker, back in the driving seat of your career.”

Dare Magazine (Published by Australian Seniors)
“reveals all the tricks of the trade to landing a great job over 50.”  
“Well written & researched … this is a must read for anyone re-entering or wanting to further their career after 50.”

Your Time Magazine
“Job search success relies on getting passed the perceived age barrier. This book explains how to do that.”

Praise for the first edition:

Employment Today
“This is such a good book with so much material packed into the pages that it is hard for me to do it proper justice in a short review … well worth a look.”

New Zealand Quarrying and Mining Magazine 
“A practical guide designed especially for job seekers over 50, and encourages readers to become proactive, guiding readers step-by-step through how to write an impeccable resume that will grab an employer’s attention.”

GrownUps Blog
“Rupert believes that employers look for three things: firstly the motivation to do the job well, the ability to fit into the existing team and the skills required to do the job. Believe it or not, the skills are often the last things they are looking at.”

Deals on Wheels
“The book hybrids Australian and New Zealand examples together and allows the reader to be led in a step-by-step manner through the whole job seeking/ personal marketing experience … it doesn’t have that brash feel of similar books written for North American audiences … certainly a reference guide that I will be keeping on my bookshelf.”

Forward 50
“By following French’s practical tips, job seekers will be able to take control of their job-hunting experience. They’ll also feel more positive as they learn how to network and use social media effectively in order to bring themselves to the attention of potential employers.”

Ladies in Racing
“Outlines the strategies and tools to give mature workers the confidence to win a rewarding role”

Perth West Australian Agenda
“If you haven’t yet achieved your half century, that doesn’t matter… the strategies have proved successful with job seekers of all ages”.

Cream Magazine
“This book is a must-read and that’s for anyone on either side of 50”

Yours Magazine
“With dedication, preparation and these clever tips you can kickstart your career.”

50 Plus News
“A great guide and a must if you are feeling as though the job market is passing you by.”

The Senior Review
“From choosing the right job, to writing your resume and attending the interview, Rupert covers every angle.”

Your Life Choices Podcast
John Deeks and Rupert French, discuss the benefits of being an older worker and the steps to snare that dream job. 

ABC’s The Drawing Room, November 2016
Rupert French interview by Patricia Karvelas on ABC’s The Drawing Room.

Rupert French introduces the first edition of How to Get a Good Job After 50

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