Being You

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How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence

Practical, authoritative, inspirational, and illustrated with stories and case studies based on Maggie Eyre’s own international work and experience, this is the essential toolkit to developing a confident, authentic personal brand, whether you’re an established businessperson or just starting out in your career.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm / 9 x 6 inches | 296 Pages

Maggie Eyre is an internationally recognized expert in personal presence and leadership motivation, with over 30 years’ experience in business, public relations and performance.  She has trained many senior business executives, public figures and academics to harness their maximum potential and shine with authentic voice and action, and her career is focused on showing clients how to think and act as a personal brand. Her previous book, Speak Easy: The essential guide to speaking in public (Exisle Publishing) is sold around the world.

Ladies in Racing Magazine featured 
“In her new book, Being You, Maggie shows you how to communicate your business and increase your brand awareness, both face to face and on digital platforms, including
a comprehensive social media strategy.” Click here to read in full.

Food and Travel featured
“provides the tools for each person to increase personal brand awareness.” Click here read in full

F Magazine article
“In her new book, Being You, Maggie Eyre sets out guidelines on how to communicate and increase brand awareness, both face to face and across digital platforms, including a comprehensive social media strategy.” Click here to read in full.

Good Reading 
“Maggie shares with us the experience of working with people under the harsh scrutiny of the public.”

Y.S Stephen

“Being You is a useful book. This is a book for those who know who they are and are looking for practical advice on a few things. Many will find tactical advice here on public relations, social media, design, etc.” Click here to read in full.

NetGalley Review – Brenda Plummer:

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

“I work in a university where I lead a woman’s network, hence the reason I requested this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I must say it is a definite read for any females just needing a little direction about leadership, or looking to progress in their career or starting their own company. I highly recommend this book and I will be recommending it to all my female friends. Thanks for the ARC.”


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