Speak Easy (3rd Edition): The Essential Guide to Speaking in Public

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Surveys show that most people fear public speaking more than death! So, how do you prepare effectively for a speaking engagement? What do you need to know about your body, your voice, the audience, the technology? Maggie Eyre has over 30 years’ experience as a media trainer, communications consultant and performer. In Speak Easy, she takes the reader through the complete process, from initial concept to final delivery.

Included are chapters on body language, voice, health, warming up, managing your audience, fear, media skills, social media, how to use technology, grooming and learning your lines. The text is illustrated with anecdotes and case studies based on Maggie’s own work and experience, and is packed with useful tips. Practical and authoritative, this is the essential book for anyone facing a business presentation or an after-dinner speech.

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Maggie Eyre is a communications consultant and media trainer, and the Director of Fresh Eyre, a niche training company specializing in teaching presentation and media skills. Maggie has over 30 years’ experience in business, public relations, education and theatre. Her work has been recognized in Time magazine and in international media from the UK to Dubai, and she has trained many prominent figures, most notably Helen Clark, current Administrator of the UN Development Programme. 

Hospital Club, September 2016
Maggie Eyrie was well received by a very enthusiastic and engaged audience of nearly 100 people at the Hospital Club last month, during her workshop.

Speak Easy and Maggie’s workshops continue to help everyone from students to corporates overcome the universal fear of public speaking and improve all aspects of their presentation skills.
You can visit Maggie’s website to find out about events, coaching, workshops and more.

Below are a couple of our favourite shots from the night!

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Booksellers Conference, July 2016

Speak Easy author Maggie Eyre during her ‘Enhancing Professional Presence’ workshop at the Booksellers Conference 2016


The Mummy Project, February 2016
“It’s a comprehensive guide not only about public speaking but also about facing your fears. I especially appreciate Maggie’s words about presentation and confidence.”

Unity Words, February 2016
“From the first page of the introduction I felt like I was there, being supported by Maggie…”

Grown Ups, April 2016
“I have read many book’s on speaking in public over many years, and Maggie’s book is right up there among the best.”

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