ISBN: 9781925820898

A Boy, his Bear and a Bully

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Scott takes his bear, Buttons, to school with him every day to help him feel brave. He has to, because every day, Duncan is mean to him. When Buttons goes missing though, Scott has to look elsewhere to find his brave, and much to his surprise, he does.

A Boy, his Bear and a Bully addresses the global issue of bullying in a hopeful, gentle way. It is an inspiring conversation starter for children, carers, and professionals, providing guidance for anyone who wishes they could be brave.

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SPECIFICATIONS:  Hardback | 245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Bullying. Bravery. Forgiveness. Friendship.

Bullying is a global issue

“When leading child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg says that bullying is in every classroom, in every school, at every level, you realise the magnitude of the problem. Knowing that this book can help parents, teachers and children to have a conversation about this behaviour is the most rewarding part of the project.”

– Author Katie Flannigan





A positive guide for victim and bully

This is ultimately a positive story about the difficult topic of bullying, which focuses on the power of bravery, friendship and forgiveness. Unlike other bullying books, this one gives the Bully a chance at redemption – to show kids that it’s never too late to ask for forgiveness.







The perfect classroom resource

Children on both sides of the bullying exchange can feel isolated from their teachers and classmates, and too anxious to ask for help. This book is the perfect resource for opening discussions in the classroom or acting as a reference point of isolated incidents.

Teaching resources and activities are available here





Katie Flannigan is a full-time children’s author with experience in illustration. Previously, she worked in the Health Sector for twenty years as an Occupational Therapist. She has a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and has worked in three major teaching hospitals in Melbourne: The Alfred, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Katie has completed a Faber Academy course with Allen & Unwin for Children’s Books and was awarded a Maurice Saxby Mentorship in 2016. She is also an Honorary Life Member of the Women Chiefs of Enterprises International, the largest organisation of female business owners in the world.

Katie lives in Melbourne with her husband, three children and way too many dogs.

PJ Reece is an Australian illustrator who has done illustration work for Blake Education, sold greeting cards of his designs at various retail outlets and has had two children’s books published through Little Steps Publishing that feature his illustrations (Heads or Tails and Detective Sara Saves the Day!). His traditional pen/pencil and wash style illustrations have evolved into digital illustrations using an iPad and drawing app.

New Zealand Association of Counsellors
The story can be used by counsellors, teachers and parents to stimulate discussion about strategies children can use to find their brave, get bullying stopped, support friends who are being bullied and think about the effects of their mean behaviours on others.

The Space magazine
“Highlighting that forgiving someone is also an act of bravery”

Kids Books NZ
“It is not preachy or didactic. By the end of the story, readers are given some tools they can use – the ‘Stop it. I don’t like it’ message, along with what to do if someone you know is being bullied. There are apologies given and forgiveness shown.

This book will sit well in education and home settings, forming the base for good discussions about navigating bullying in a modern environment.” Click here to read more

What Book Next?
“A simple story about standing up for yourself when something is happening that you don’t like. A friend by your side always helps.” Click here to read more

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Specifications: Hardback/Paperback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 Pages | Colour