The Battle

Starting School Can be Scary Sometimes!

Edward is anxious to start knight-school. He puts on his armour, prepared for battle. It’s sure to be terrifying with all those ogres and dragons about. But at school, Edward is befriended by an ogre who offers him some of her lunch. Edward soon realizes that maybe things aren’t as bad as they first seemed. In fact, his armour was holding him back. As he learns to let his guard down, magic and fun await and Edward realizes the dragons and ogres he feared are actually just like him.

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Specifications: Hardback/Paperback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 Pages | Colour

Ashling Kwok is a children’s author from Sydney. She is obsessed with children’s literature and loves immersing herself in a magical world where anything is possible. When she’s not working on her manuscripts, Ashling can be found scouring local bookstores in search of inspiration. She hopes to continue to write stories that take children on a journey and hopefully touch their hearts.

Cara King initially studied anthropology before moving across to multimedia and starting her own design business, Caratoons. As a designer and illustrator, she has produced images for T-shirt designs, books, cards and posters. She is the illustrator of three picture books: Mummy and Mumma Get Married (2015), Scaredy Book (2018 EK Books) and The Box Cars (2019; also with EK Books).

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I’m so delighted to be part of the Books on Tour Blog Tour for Ashling Kwok’s brand new picture book The Battle . This is a gorgeous book – both the story and those illustrations (by Cara King)! – about facing fears that are holding you back.

Battling bullies in ‘The Battle’ with Ashling Kwok

Welcome back to my Time Out Blog, Ashling. I’m looking forward to hearing about the inspiration behind your latest release The Battle. ​ The Inspiration behind The Battle This story was inspired by my son who was going through a difficult time at school.

Character Q&A with Edward from The Battle –

What a delight to welcome the star of The Battle – Edward – to talk to us about his inner thoughts and feelings on ‘battling’ his fears, and he also gives some great tips for other ‘knights’ anticipating the school day. Thanks so much, Edward! Edward, it’s a pleasure to talk with you today!

The Bottom Shelf
“However you are connecting with your preschoolers this year, include this story in your repertoire for an added dose of confidence.” Click here to read in full.

Swings and Roundabouts Reviewed
“The Battle is a great book to read to an anxious child, teaching resilience and emotional regulation in the face of new environments, and although the book is about a child, Edward, who is anxious about staring school, it could be about any new situation a child faces.”

What’s Up Downunder reviewed
‘The perfect book to ease a child into the first day at school.”

Hip Little One 
“Young readers will love the sweet illustrations by Cara King and Ashling Kwok’s lovely message of battling school nerves and facing your fears will hit home to everyone. The Battle is a perfect gift idea for school starters and a win for the family book shelf.” Click here to read in full

Just Write for Kids – reviewed
“Delivering themes on childhood fears, bravery, perception, friendship and kindness, it is a gentle tale of learning to have courage and finding the joy in life’s experiences. So, throw down your weapons for The Battle and you will be victorious! Highly recommended for preschool and primary-aged little ‘battlers’. Click here to read.

Pinerolo reviewed
“A novel and entertaining story about the first day at school, which can be a bit scary. Lively and colourful illustrations.”

Little Big Reads reviewed
“As I poured through The Battle, I was overcome with just how well it explored anxiety when starting school in a way that children will grasp that was also fun.” Click here to read

Educate Empower reviewed
“The Battle by Ashling Kwok and Cara King has used the analogy of going into battle to show how when we are nervous or worried we often ‘layer’ ourselves in armour. In this story children will see that when we put on too much armour, we often think the world is a lot more scary than it really is and it’s only when we start to take it off that we see that most people feel just like we do.” Click here to read

Daily Telegraph  reviewed
“Perfect for children nervous about their first day at school.”

Buzz Words
“Gentle language and genial images join forces in The Battle to lead the readers to victory. In the process, youngsters discover that if they let down their guard, they have a chance to find real happiness.” Click here to read in full

What Book Next? Reviewed
“The battle to keep up a protective front or ‘armour’ is a challenging one, preventing friendships and positive connections. This story shows these universal fears in a fun way, with a dragons, kings and Knight School concept.” Click here to read more

Rachel Funez Writes
“I especially like the message that there are no monsters, or giants, or ogres here – just other children like you. Some children may need that message to help them adjust to how different everyone looks wearing masks.” Click here to read more

Read For Fun reviewed
“I highly recommend this book for all kids starting school, whether or not they are scared.”  Click here to read more

Dims Write Stuff
“The Battle is an ideal picture book for those embarking on a new experience, especially those with starting-school-struggles…” Click here to read in full

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Paperback, Hardback

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Download the Teacher’s Notes Here

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 245 x 255 mm | 9.5 x 10 inches | Colour | 32 Pages