The Power of the Second Question: Finding simple truths for complex lives

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In The Power of the Second Question, popular psychologist and author Chris Skellett clearly shows how you can easily harness the power of your personal reflection to capture the ‘simple truths’ about your world. Each concise chapter suggests ideas, gives examples and reviews the importance of personal insight and celebrating the ‘aha’ moments.  At the end of the process, you will have developed a much broader appreciation of who you are and what you have learned along life’s journey, enabling you to reset your life’s compass and pursue a life of renewed purpose and meaning.

An experienced clinician for over 30 years, Chris has expert communication skills and a practical knowledge of what matters beyond the theory, in real practice. This book sets out simply how readers can make their lives better and happier.

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Chris Skellett, educated in the United Kingdom, has worked as a clinical psychologist for over 30 years. A fellow of the College of Clinical Psychologists, former national president of the Hospital Psychologists Association as well as having sat on the executive boards of both the New Zealand Psychological Society and the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychology, Chris is now in private practice as a consultant psychologist and executive coach. Here, he has helped many clients apply the basic principles of living life well to the pressures of the corporate environment.

He is a well-known author and commentator on psychological issues and has written witty and thought-provoking articles in a variety of journals on a range of current affairs. Known for his public speaking, Chris’s workshops are always well received, as he brings to them his trademark humour and insight. He is the author of Exisle’s very successful When Happiness is Not Enough.

The Weekly Times, June 2014
“This is chicken soup for the soul, but with a serious degree behind it”

Port Macquarie Independent, May 2014
“In his book The Power of the Second Question popular psychologist Chris Skellett reveals how you can pause in your busy life to reflect and capture the simple truths about your world. In doing so, Chris says we can reconnect with the deeper meaning of our lives and rediscover our sense of purpose …”

Australasian Medical Journal – August 2014
This book is about asking an initial question, listening to the response, and then devising a second question that endeavours to elicit reflective responses that make us look at the “bigger picture.” The author invites the reader to think about who they are, what they have learned from life experiences, and where they are going in the future. Read full article

Community Resilience by guest blogger Chris Skellett, July 2014
Resilience, in the face of adversity, is seen in two parts: Firstly, it requires us to maximise our capacity to live in the moment and to accept life’s twists and turns, but it also requires us to take stock and re-commit determinedly to valued goals. Following trauma, some individuals will tend to grieve for the affront to their prior sense of contentment. The world will now seem unpleasantly challenging and they will be prone to depression. They may self-soothe inappropriately with excessively indulgent activities. Read more

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