When Happiness Is Not Enough

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We all want to be happy, but happiness is an immensely complex concept and is of course not the same for everyone.  Think back to the last really delicious thing you ate. Can you remember the pleasure it brought you? Compare this to the satisfaction of achieving a goal, or succeeding at something.

Renowned psychologist Chris Skellet proposes that, to live a truly fulfilling life, we must strike a balance between sensory pleasure and achievement – between appreciation of the moment and accomplishing personal goals. This fascinating book teaches you to apply this idea to your own life. You can eat your cake and keep it, too!

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Chris Skellett has worked as a Clinical Psychologist for over 30 years. Over the past ten years, Chris has developed a strong interest in leadership and executive coaching. Here, he has helped many clients apply the basic principles of living life well to the pressures of the corporate environment.

Have you ever eaten a big piece of chocolate cake? Why did you eat it? Because it tastes delicious and gives you a short moment of pleasure that’s why! This is the first type of happiness – Pleasure. Pleasure is based on short-term gratification. It’s fun, it’s indulgent, it’s the basis of humour, enjoyment and a sense of contentment. We live in the moment, we feel alive, we feel comfortable and soak up life to the full.

The second type of happiness is different. You might find yourself one day signing up to your local gym. Most of us don’t go to the gym because we enjoy it, we go because we have a goal of wanting to look good and be fit and healthy. Once we achieve this goal we experience the feeling of satisfaction – our second type of happiness. Satisfaction is based on the achievement of personal goals. We set goals, we achieve them, and we feel satisfied with the result. We value motivation, drive and ambition. We climb mountains, win gold and there are always improvements to be made, things to learn and opportunities to explore. We make lists, we work hard, and by the end of the day we are tired.The secret to happiness is by balancing these two elements in our lives; When Happiness Is Not Enough will show you how by teaching you to apply the Pleasure/Achievement Principle to all areas of your life. For if we fail to balance these elements a number of problems can surface… If our pleasure becomes excessive we find ourselves drifting into a number of unhealthy lifestyles such as overeating and substance abuse. If our will to achieve becomes excessive this can result in stress, anxiety and restlessness.

When Happiness Is Not Enough will ultimately teach you that we must aim to balance the excitable pleasure of the moment with the deeper satisfaction of achieving our established goals in life so we can lead the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Making the most of the ‘new normal’

How can you make the most of the next four weeks? Bruce Munro talks to clinical psychologist Chris Skellett about turning the unprecedented Covid-19 lockdown in to a rare opportunity to pursue personal goals. It is Day Three of the four-week, nationwide, Covid-19 lockdown.

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