Amazing women have existed throughout history, and their stories are full of heroic acts, resilient character, and formidable strength.

March is a Women’s History Month – a time to honour the women who came before us, and to provide them the place they deserve in our historic narrative.

Below is a selection of our biography, history, and anthology titles that feature breathtaking stories written by and about women.

Historical & Heroic Women

Guiding Lights

The Extraordinary Lives of Lighthouse Women

Discover the stories of remarkable lighthouse women through the ages, and the myths and legends that surround them.

Available in: Hardback | eBook | Audio

Trial of Strength

Adventures and misadventures on the wild and remote subantarctic islands

Discover the compelling stories of the men and women who have braved the wild, untamed subantarctic islands.

Available in: Hardback | eBook

One Woman’s War and Peace

A nurse’s journey in the Royal Australian Air Force

16 years of military service, three operations, surviving a helicopter crash, navigating the political circles of Canberra and around the world as Aide de Camp to the Minister for Defence, and commanding a combat surgical team during some of the most intense fighting in Afghanistan. This is Sharon Brown’s Story.

Available in: Paperback | eBook

Daughter of the Reich: The incredible Life of Louise Fox

Daughter of the Reich

The Incredible Life of Lousie Fox

This is a story of an ordinary girl from Germany who became caught up in the inner workings of the Nazi war machine.

Available in: Paperback | eBook

Coming Soon

Voices of World War II

New Zealanders Share Their Stories

After New Zealanders and Australians alike came out in strong support of the original Hardback edition, and sold out our original run, we have decided to re-print this important book in a flexibound format for those who missed out. 

In this collection of memories sent in by families across New Zealand, you will find a rare insight into wartime life across generations and vocations.
Fascinating and genuine, this book is a visually captivating compendium of photographs and written accounts, providing a snapshot of what life was like during WWII, from the point of view of those who lived through it.


Women’s stories are not just historic, there are women in every corner of the globe making monumental decisions, experiencing life changing moments, and performing acts of admirable strength.

Our collection of anthologies features over 100 true stories, written by both women and men across the globe. Each collection is curated by theme, for instance The Turning Point features stories about moments in time that changed the course of the writers life, and Love and Loss is a collection of stories about the human experience of love and the universal devastation of loss.