Word to the Wise

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Untangling the Mix-ups, Misuse and Myths of Language

Even the best wordsmiths can trip over words that are commonly misused, mixed up or misspelled. This useful reference gets to the bottom of these language issues so that you can ensure you’ve got the word you’re looking for. With examples of how to sharpen up text and improve your writing, lists of useful social media abbreviations and a discussion of unusual plurals, this playful look at the often bizarre English language has got you covered, whether you’re writing a book, blog or an email.

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Mark Broatch is a journalist, critic and author, and an unashamed language nerd. After gaining an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Linguistics at one of New Zealand’s top universities he went on to be a senior editor and chief subeditor at three national publications.

See Mark speak at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival (NZ), in March 2019

Word to the Wise

ABC Melbourne’s Breakfast Show radio segment
“A book written for the everyday Joe to put some clarity around the words we use incorrectly, to give us a bit of grammatical advice now that we are unleashed on the world wide web as writers. The book is fantastic, because it is divided up alphabetically and you go through words in each letter grouping that we often misuse.” Click here to listen.

Independent Australia blog post
“Succinctly written definitions and examples are presented by Broatch to give clear understandings, pronunciations and uses of hundreds of commonly misused words.” Click here to listen.

Blue Wolf Reviews review article
“…a very handy book.” Click here to read.

GX Express magazine article
“Should be obligatory reading for newcomers to publishing and older commentators who lack the knowledge… a crash course in vocabulary extension” Click here to read.

Radio New Zealand radio segment
“Mark Broatch is a self-professed language nerd… also a writer, editor and journalist. His latest book is Word to the Wise where he untangles the mix-ups, misuse and myths of language.” Click here to listen.

Good Reading review article
“…a hand alphabetized guide of commonly mixed up terms ” Click here to read.

Salt 106.5’s Mornings with Fiona Cameron radio segment
“…the aim of the book is to try to help people be precise and clear (in their writing).” Click here to listen.


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