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The Doll Box

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Whenever Isla’s mother brings out her small blue doll box, Isla knows she will hear the stories of the women in her family’s past. Their incredible tales of immigration, war, and fighting for their rights show Isla the strength she has in herself and lead her on a journey of self-discovery. Inspired by the author’s own family, The Doll Box is a testament to the power of our personal histories, and the spirit of the many women who had to overcome incredible odds to achieve their dreams.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 280mm x 245mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

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A poignant story about a child finding her own inner strength, courage and resilience by drawing inspiration from the generations of women that came before her.

Whenever Isla’s mother brings out her small blue doll box, Isla knows she will hear the stories of the women in her family’s past. Touching on themes of immigration, war and the feminist movement, their lives show Isla the incredible things women can achieve, and the strength she has inside herself.

Inspired by the author’s own family, this book echoes the timeless power of familial bonds and personal histories that instil courage and determination in each new generation. It underscores the belief that sharing family stories can foster a sense of belonging, and provide strength to face life’s adversities.

What makes a strong role model for girls? Deborah Kelly found the answer in her own heritage, in the pages of history, and in the inspiring individuals who, despite adversity, discovered their own courage and resilience. The Doll Box is a testament to their stories, lovingly passed from mother to daughter, empowering the next generation of strong women.

Deborah Kelly grew up in rural New Zealand, has lived and travelled in the UK and Japan, and now lives in Australia.

While being the primary carer for her children (and providing for the additional needs of one of them) Deborah has written picture books, junior fiction and middle grade fiction as well as poetry and material for the educational market. She is passionate about literacy and enjoys visiting schools, libraries and festival events to share her books with children. Her titles include the Ruby Wishfinger series (Wombat Books) and Dugong Magic (Hachette Australia). Deborah is currently studying for a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with a special interest in literacy.

Joanna Bartel is a designer and illustrator. Previously, she has been a graphic designer for a boutique fashion label, a senior art and design teacher and an English teacher in Melbourne and Brisbane, and a copywriter and graphic designer in marketing. Now she brings her experience in Arts education, design, teaching and creative marketing to her illustration work! Joanna particularly loves character design and creating imaginative and playful images to engage children and enhance imaginative learning.

Since becoming a mother to three small children, Joanna is now balancing family life with her other great loves of drawing and writing.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books