ISBN: 9780645418460

The Bad Tooth Fairy

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Due for Release  ANZ June 2024   / Rest of world March 25

Hally Toe-Siss is a selfish and wasteful tooth fairy who does all the things that fairies aren’t supposed to do, such as judo, karate and kung fu. Having used up all his fairy dust on some rather silly spells he’s now unable to perform any magic for the fairy queen’s birthday party. Hally needs to collect another tooth to make more fairy dust but none of the children on his list have lost a tooth yet. Whatever shall he do?
Fortunately, with help from Grandma, Hally improvises and discovers the joy of giving.

Specifications: Hardcover | 245 x 245mm | 32 Full Colour pages | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication


Kathy Creamer is an internationally published author and  illustrator  of children’s picture books and short adult fiction. Her children’s titles include The Big Old Rambutan Tree, which won four International book awards, and Lucky’s Horse Shoes, which was a finalist in the Rubery Book Awards.
Her other children’s books are Mr Ming and the Mooncake Dragon, Peanut, Scrumpy’s Christmas, Anusha the Elephant, The Tiger Who Came to Tea at Raffles Hotel, Three Unusual Vistors and Ho! Ho! Ho! She has also written stories and educational content for computer games. Kathy has a BA (Hons) Degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature.

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A Little Pink Dog Books Publication