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Lucky Horse Shoes

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Captivated by the glamour of elegant hats and high-heeled shoes, a spirited racehorse named Lucky, who is the fastest horse in the stable, becomes determined to emulate race-day fashion in the quest to win the cup, only to discover that the best shoes to wear in order to win the race are her own lucky horse shoes—an amusing and light-hearted story of the pros and cons of impractical footwear.

Specifications :Hardcover | 245x 245mm | 32 Full Cover


Shortlisted for The Rubery Book Awards 2023, in the Illustrated Children’s Book category


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication


Kathy Creamer is an award-winning author and illustrator. She has been published by Oxford University Press, Reed International, Christmas Press, Julia Gabriel Communications, September 21, Williamstown Literary Festival, and other organisations. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature and a Master of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration from the renowned Cambridge School of Art in England. She has also run her own successful publishing venture based in the UK. Having recently moved to Armidale, and with her husband, Peter, she has set up Little Pink Dog Books Children’s Publishing.

Amy Calauttil loves to illustrate picture books for kids, since receiving her first contract in 2019 she has become an in-demand illustrator who has completed 12 picture books (and counting). One of the first books she illustrated (Hector and his highland dancers written by Anthony Sevil) received the honour of being shortlisted for the speech pathology award in 2021. Amy isn’t sure if she can boast too much about that award since she didn’t write the story but has decided to anyway.

Amy specializes in capturing visual humour with her illustrations and capturing her small humans to put sunscreen on their wiggly bodies so they can play.

Amy also has begun to run workshops for kids but only when invited to, so don’t worry about Amy running an impromptu workshop at an inappropriate time.

Legend says that Amy can speak to ear gremlins and ask them to please stop telling her kids to leave all their dirty laundry and leftover snacks on the floor and hopes to one day help the gremlins to use their powers for good, not cheekiness.

Amy has received formal artistic training in fashion and textile design in high school and at TAFE. Amy has developed a few distinct illustration styles and is always playing with new techniques to expand her repertoire.

When Amy’s not doing her favourite thing (illustrating picture books) she’s planning a fun camping trip for her young family or walking on a white sandy beach in Western Australia.

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