The Art Garden

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All children have ideas about what they might be when they grow up. In The Art Garden, Sadie dreams of being an artist like her best friend Tom, but every time she tries to paint she just ends up making a mess. In overcoming her frustrations, she realises there are many different ways of creating pictures and stories.

This delightful book follows Sadie as she gallops round her garden with Tom and learns that a change of perspective can change everything. Join her as she embraces her own unique strengths and creativity to make something beautiful.

Download the Teacher’s Notes and Trace ‘n’ Draw worksheets here.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9 ½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

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Penny Harrison is a children’s author, book reviewer, garden writer and lifestyle journalist. A professional writer for more than 20 years, she has contributed to a range of leading Australian magazines, newspapers, guides and books, writing about everything from raising toddlers to raising chickens. Penny lives in a rambling old garden, on the edge of the Yarra Valley, with her husband and two young children, where she loves filling the house with books, plants and music.

Penelope Pratley has been mucking about with paint since she was a small girl. With a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Teaching, she has taught art from preschool to high school. She now works from her home studio as an illustrator, tutoring aspiring artists, and producing and selling her work under the business name Penelope’s Nest. Penelope is passionate about providing children with the skill set to successfully use different art mediums at an early age, enabling them to see and interpret their environment creatively.

Jnr Book Worms Book Review, April 2018
A truly magical book to share and  engage with children 3-8 some wonderful discussions were created on what being creative means.

School Days Magazine, March 2018
Sadie learns that there is more than one way to achieve her desires showing the reader to look for their strengths. This is a hardcover book with lovely illustrations and easy to read for you the young reader or to read to a child.” – Click here to read the review in full.

The House of Wellness, March 2018
“a special story about the power of friendship … it highlights the importance of creative self-expression.” – Click here to read the piece in full.

The Sunday Telegraph, March 2018
The Art Garden is permission to create anything in any way the reader wants” – Click here to read the review in full.

School Days Magazine, February 2018
“there is more than one way to achieve her desires showing the reader to look for their strengths. This is a hardcover book with lovely illustrations” – Click her to read the full review.

Kids’ Book Review, February 2018
An absolutely gorgeous story about creativity and friendship, showing there is more than one way to be an artist.– Click here to read the review in full.

Science Teachers Association of Victoria, February 2018
From a teacher’s perspective ‘The Art Garden’ provides lots of starting points in the areas of maths, language and science, ie looking at patterns and colours, developing different arrays, using a magnifying glass in the school ground environment and considering words like swishing and swirling. This book would be of value to a teacher in the P-2 area”

Toddler Book Reviews, February 2018

Reasons we love this book:

  1. It celebrates the importance of individuality and self-acceptance.
  2. It highlights a free and beautiful childhood and looks at a magical friendship.
  3. It encourages children to explore different ways of expressing themselves.
    Click here to read the review in full.

The BottomShelf Edu Blog, February 2018
“offer(s) a new perspective to those who don’t see themselves as creative just because they cannot paint.
It opens up lots of potential for discussion about how each of us is creative even if “we can’t draw a straight line.This is quality.” – Click here to read the review in full.

Boomerang Books, January 2018
“… gives readers, who may not be adroit artists, an alternative way to express their artistic desires. It is a visually and texturally gorgeous conduit encouraging creative individuality – and tree climbing!” –Click here to read the full review.

ABC NSW Statewide, February 2018
What were the dreams you had as a 4 year old? Police officers, fire fighters, doctors, teachers are often the favourites when you ask a 4 year old what their career dreams are. For Penelope Pratley, her dream was to become an illustrator! Something that has just happened. ”  She spoke to Kia Handley” – Click here to read the review in full.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925335255 | Hardback |245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | Colour | 32 Pages