Social Courage

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Coping and thriving with the reality of social anxiety

Whether you are struggling with social anxiety of phobic proportions or are just held back when it comes to public speaking or meeting a specific social goal, Social Courage offers help with its effective, structured, step-by-step program that draws from a range of therapeutic approaches. Packed with practical exercises and case studies, it gives you the tools to boldly move towards your social goals, while minimizing suffering along the way.

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Eric Goodman, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker who specializes in helping people face their social fears and anxiety disorders. In addition to his private practice in San Luis Obispo, California, he runs Social Courage groups and retreats.

Many people walk around with a secret: they experience social anxiety! At the same time, they are bombarded by messages from books, articles, and gurus that lead them to believe that social anxiety is a disease that needs to be cured. Consequently, along with social anxiety, they carry shame — believing that there is something wrong with them that must be fixed before they can live a ‘normal’ life. Often, they are waiting for the magical day when their social anxiety vanishes forever before pursuing their social goals, such as increasing friendships, finding a romantic partner, or advancing in their career. The problem is that social anxiety is normal and, to some degree, it will remain a lifelong companion. Social Courage presents a step-by-step, structured program for minimizing suffering in the face of social anxiety while giving readers the tools to boldly go towards their social goals. It combines strategies from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Compassion-Focused Therapy to form ‘CBT 2.0’, to help readers cope and thrive with anxious thoughts and emotions using practical exercises and case studies. Whether readers are struggling with social anxiety of phobic proportions or are just held back when it comes to public speaking or meeting a specific social goal, Social Courage presents a path forward while minimizing suffering along the way.

Publishers Weekly magazine article
“Readers who struggle with social anxiety should find Goodman’s clearly explained advice to be usable and appealing.” Click here to view.

Adelaide Advertiser newspaper article
” Do you get nervous meeting new people? Is the thought of making a speech enough to make your heart race and palms sweat? According to American psychologist Dr Eric Goodman, they are just a few examples of social anxiety, an experience that far from being a disease is just part of what makes us human, and ensures we get on smoothly with everyone else. For many of us, though, it can get out of hand to the point that it limits our potential and makes everyday social experiences a nightmare. Goodman says his new book, Social Courage, presents a path forward for everyone who suffers from extreme social anxiety.” Click here to view.

Your Life Choices website article
“Losing a loved one and re-entering your world as a single can be an anxious and confronting time. Psychologist Dr Eric Goodman is an expert in this area and offers advice.” Click here to view. blog article
“Anxiety can make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster.  There are a couple of ways to approach a rollercoaster. One is to grip the safety harness for dear life, close your eyes, call yourself a big-baby, and then try to distract yourself by adding up the amount of money you paid for the experience! Not only do you not escape the ride, but you suffer throughout it. The other way is to let go and open up to the fear rather than fight it. You go with the flow-with the fear. This way typically leads to less suffering and maybe even enjoyment, despite the fear. “ Click here to read.


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