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Freddy the Not -Teddy

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Freddy is Jonah’s favourite stuffed toy, but no one knows quite what Freddy is – a funky duck, a peculiar platypus, a punk rock penguin? He’s certainly not a Teddy, but that won’t stop him from being the star of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic in this inspiring story about inclusion, friendship and staying true to yourself.

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WINNER of the Forevablility Book Awards 2022– Highlighting stories that focus on disability, illness, inclusion and own voice stories to empower people living with disabilities or illnesses.


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SPECIFICATIONS:  245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Hilary Jean Tapper is a picture book illustrator, perpetually enchanted by the magic of watercolour and small folk. She has drawn small persons since she herself was a small person – and you’ll find such characters on everything she touches!

Hilary also works as a children’s arts therapist and teaches dollmaking (Courage Dolls) with the theme of courage. Her work seeks to inspire connection within ourselves, with those around us, and the greater world we are a part of.

Kristen Schroeder writes for children from her home in Minnesota. She and her family are dual American Australian citizens and consider Melbourne their second home. Freddy the Not-Teddy is Kristen’s second picture book, inspired by her son’s favourite stuffed toy, Freddy.

Freddy the Not-Teddy is Kristen’s second picture book, inspired by her son’s favourite stuffed toy, Freddy.

One More Page podcast

“An absolutely adorable picture book. I dare you to get to put it down without saying ‘awwww at the end’   Click here to read 

“A sweet tale about friendship, being who you are and kindness. Perfect for any little one who has a deep attachment to a particular stuffed toy..”

The School Library / Read NZ


Although the themes of individuality, friendship and inclusion are powerfully presented in this story, they do not overwhelm it. The plot is compelling with the tension building strongly as Jonah tries desperately to come up with a solution to his dilemma.

The gentle colours and sympathetic illustrations enhance the experience of reading this book.
It could be used as a basis for a class study on these issues.

The very useful teacher notes and resources, available on the EK Books website, provide great ideas for activities covering many curriculum areas.

Buzz Words Magazine
“Visually and textually uplifting, Freddy the Not-Teddy has a sweetness that will not sour with repeated readings. Children will fall in love with Freddy as well as the fabulous idea that there is a place in the world for even the quirkiest of characters.“ Click here to read

Reading Time
“Written with a second person point of view, the reader becomes part of the story. The child reader is sure to recognise herself – and it’s just as applicable to boys. This will be a great addition to all libraries whether they be home, school, or public library.” Click here to read

Bottom Shelf – Barbara Baxton, Award-winning Teacher Librarian
“This is a heart-warming story that will appeal to all our young readers who have a favourite stuffed toy that is not a teddy, especially if they have had to make a decision about whether it “fits the brief” for an occasion like a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Jonah’s solutions to both his own problem and that of Cassie will inspire them to be brave enough to be themselves despite peer pressure.” Click here to read

Picture Book Parents
“Freddy the Not-Teddy is a gentle and fun story that provides many opportunities to talk with young children about difference, belonging and being true to yourself.” Click here to view”

Blue Wolf Reviews

Freddy the Not-Teddy is certainly a book to use for discussions of acceptance and change.” Click here to read.

NZ Booklovers

The message of the story is powerful throughout and reminds children of the importance to be kind and to respond to others as they would want to be treated.

Freddy the Not-Teddy is beautifully illustrated by Hilary Jean Tapper using a watercolour look that gives it quite a unique feel to the heart-warming story.

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SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback |245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books