Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife

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The Art of Daryl Dickson

Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife is a celebration of Daryl Dickson’s beautiful work. From black-winged stilts to brushtail possums, see the variety and color of Australian wildlife contained in one wonderful book. Dickson’s passion for the conservation of wildlife and wild places has informed and inspired her work. She highlights the natural beauty of species that deserve to be saved in what is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the natural world.

The work of artists crosses borders, boundaries and language barriers. Painting wildlife does not need language to explain the essence of the beauty, landscape or movement of a creature. Witness the ancient tropical forests and majestic landscapes of northern Queensland, Australia — home to some of the world’s rarest and most fascinating species. View a lifetime of artworks, showcased in this large-format, beautifully designed book that is an essential addition to coffee tables everywhere.

Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas Issue
“Art and conservation merge in this stunning tome.”

Specifications: 9781925820607 | Cased and Jacket | 254 x 254mm / 10 x 10in | 144 pages | full colour

Daryl Dickson is an award-winning painter and illustrator with a passion for the natural environment and wildlife rehabilitation. Originally from London, she now lives in Far North Queensland. She has received an Australia Day Award for her work in environmental education, wildlife rescue, Cassowary Award, and the Drawing prize at the Hinchinbrook Bird Life Art Awards.

Unsurprisingly, all of Daryl’s illustration work involves nature and animals, such as the picture book Paddy O’Melon: The Irish Kangaroo. She now works full-time producing original artworks and a range of wildlife cards and prints. Her greeting cards & artwork prints are popular with tourists are from around the world including the USA, Europe and NZ.

Daryl and her husband devote much of their time to caring for injured native animals. Their home is shared with an amazing diversity of wildlife, providing endless inspiration, interest and color which she channels into her artwork.

Wildlife Protection Society Queensland, Newsletter
“Some of the most evocative and intricate artworks ever produced on rare Australian species feature in Daryl’s new book” 

Birdlife Australia
“This is a beautiful volume, sumptuously illustrated and sure to be a welcome gift for the bird or art lover in your life. With part of the proceeds going to conservation work for our threatened wildlife, this is a worthy inclusion on your Christmas list.”

Good Organic Gardener
“Through vivid watercolours, acrylics and pastels, and intricate pencil drawings the self-taught artist captures sugar gliders, koalas, swamp hens and bilbies in breath taking detail, Dickson proves to be an engaging writer as well

Tropic Magazine Reviewed by 8 year old Percy –
“Daryl’s paintings are very realistic, almost like photographs. I highly recommend this book for lovers of our local wildlife”

Weekend Australian- Feature
“a gorgeous album for lovers of our natural environment”

Australian Boat Magazine – feature
“the perfect gift for any art or nature lover. It’s been published at a time when Australians, universally appalled at the damage to our flora and fauna wreaked by the disastrous 2019-20 bushfires, are looking to re-engage (and support) the unique and delicate beauty of the Australian bush”.

ABC Adelaide – Afternoons with Sonya Feldhoff
“for those who love their wildlife this is just a beautiful book”.

Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas Issue
“Art and conservation merge in this stunning tome.”

ABC North Queensland Breakfast with Michael Clarke
“a beautiful hardcover book, it’s just marvellous to look at”

Townsville Bulletin  – feature article and review
”This is a book for lovers of Australian wildlife. It would not be lost on those worrying about following a dream”.

The Scots News
“The artist has taken full advantage of the light and colour of her rainforest home to provide a unique look into the natural world … Daryl Dickson may inspire young illustrators and artists to capture the natural world around them.”

Radio Adelaide interview and Review-
“It is really beautiful  Its a powerful way of passing on your message that each creature is important and why we need take care of them”.

Science teachers of Victoria
“Daryl Dickson’s drawings and watercolours are so life like and so full of detail   that not only the personality of the animal drawn is evident but that she is truly passionate about it. ‘Celebrating Australia’s magnificent wildlife’ is perfect for those who are interested in nature and in art.”

Humane Society International – reviewed in their Wildlife Land Trust Newsletter
“As we rapidly approach the holiday season, now is a great time to think about gifts for the wildlife lovers in your life! Daryl Dickson, an award-winning artist, life-long conservationist and dedicated member of the WLT has released her captivating artbook, “Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife” just in time for the giving season. The stunning artworks of Australian fauna are accompanied by interesting notes on their habitat and behaviour, making this a wonderful book for lovers of art and nature. A percentage of the sales will also go to preserving Australia’s natural heritage!”

ABC Cairns interview
“Spectacular. A marvellous read, sensational artwork that accurately describes and portrays so many of our special wildlife”. Click here to Listen (starts at around 2hs 54mins).

Spine Out – Good Reading – Featured
“Australia has some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife on the planet. What better way to celebrate it than with some beautiful and unique art”

Cairns Local News

Celebrating Wildlife

Please note javascript is required for full website functionality. Award-winning wildlife artist, Daryl Dickson has just released a new book Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife which includes art from the span of her career, in a joyful tribute to the incredible richness to be found in our own backyard.

TREEHUGGER – Author Interview and Feature

Artist Captures Beauty of Australia’s Wildlife

It’s often easy for artist Daryl Dickson to find her subjects because orphaned and injured animals are usually recovering right in her backyard. Dickson is a wildlife artist and rehabber who lives in Queensland Australia. A London native, Dickson grew up in arid South Australia, then spent many years traveling the world.


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Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife (Limited Collector’s Edition)

The Art of Daryl Dickson

One for the collectors, this exquisite leatherette edition is limted to 100 copies only. Each book is numbered and signed by Daryl with its own unique artist mark so no two copies are the same, making this edition as rare as some of the species featured in its pages.

Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife is a celebration of Daryl Dickson’s beautiful work and passion for conservation. The stunning animals around Dickson have informed her work for over 40 years. Witness the ancient tropical forests and majestic landscapes of Queensland, Australia — home to some of the world’s rarest and most fascinating species. View a lifetime of artworks, showcased in this beautiful, large-format book that is an essential addition for art and book collectors alike.

Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas Issue
“Art and conservation merge in this stunning tome.”

Specifications: 9781925820614 | Leatherette | 254 x 254mm | 144 Pages | Full Colour | FSC Certified

Paddy O’Melon

USD $4.99 Tax Included

Download the Teacher’s Notes here.

Animal lovers everywhere will delight in this gorgeously illustrated story of Paddy, a young rainforest kangaroo. Separated from his mother as a baby, Paddy is rescued by an Irish family who care for him as he grows. Soon, though, he begins to wonder who he really is, and so sets off on an adventure through the jungle to find his true home, meeting many interesting animals along the way.

This endearing book pays homage to the amazing variety of wildlife of the rainforest and highlights the importance of doing what we can to protect our natural treasures.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 215 x 288 mm /8½ x 11¼ Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |