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Birdie Lights up the World

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Birdie the penguin believes she is the chosen one who lights up the world every night with her song. Her zoo friends believe this too. When the sky lights up without her one evening, she is left feeling lost and confused. Birdie tries to learn the work of other zoo animals, without much success — until her friends help her realize her true purpose.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

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Alison McLennan was a terrible creative writer as a child but an enthusiastic volunteer in her school library. After studying journalism and then working in PR/media, Alison returned to creative writing while raising her family. When not writing children’s books, she’s busy on stage in musical theatre productions, singing with her children’s band Allioopsy, working as a voiceover artist, or curled up reading a book with her cat Honey.

Lauren Mullinder has had a passion for drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil and loves to create illustrations that capture and delight the imagination. With a degree in Visual Communication and a background in marketing and design, Lauren spends her days drawing stories, creating characters and teaching others how to do the same. Lauren lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and dog Charlie and loves spending time in nature.

Birdie the penguin believes she is the chosen one who lights up the world every night with her song. Her zoo friends believe this too.

In this sensitively illustrated story, featuring a cast of zoo animals, Birdie the penguin has a special role to play. Until one day she gets sick and discovers that perhaps her role was not as important as she thought. She and her friends discover that the world can light itself up at night without Birdie’s song. Birdie begins to question what her purpose is. She tries to learn the jobs the other animals do, without success. She feels lost and confused — until her zoo friends help her realize her true purpose.

The author has said that she wanted to deliver the message that we all have special, unique gifts and it’s our responsibility to share them with the world. If we have a song to sing, we should sing it, whether it fills a stadium or only brings joy to one person … it all counts.

Parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers will all want to gift or recommend this book. It’s for everyone, but especially for any child who has been told they are good at something and then feels the weight of responsibility to take lessons and compete, and to be the best. Birdie Lights Up the World will inspire them to do the things they love for the pure joy of it.

“Children as old as 10 will also benefit from discussions on topics such as extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and the importance of self-worth..”

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“My kids loved the illustrations by Lauren Mullinder, especially the indigo hues in the night scenes where the pages sparkle like the stars and the moon. They also loved Birdie’s journey of self-discovery and were happy that she realised her talent. .”

Anything Goes Lifestyle | blog and magazine with 18.4k Twitter followers
“a sweet little book about finding – and sharing – your gifts”

Dim’s Write Stuff
“The ultimate ode to friendship ties this story together like a warm hug, suggesting we don’t need dramatic dazzling results as proof that our efforts are valued and worthwhile.” 

The Strawberry Post | 2.2k Twitter followers and a very dedicated blog following
“a lovely and heartwarming story… I’m sure lots of children will enjoy the tale and the illustrations again and again”

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