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Anzac Ted (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Re-issued as a gorgeous hardback to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, meet a bear who is more extraordinary than most in this best-selling story about the Anzac spirit. 

These days, Anzac Ted doesn’t score any votes at classroom Show and Tell, with his worn patches and missing parts. But when he belonged to Grandpa Jack, he travelled across the world to be a mascot for Anzac soldiers, giving them comfort, courage and hope that they would return home. Told with heart and sensitivity, Anzac Ted is a celebration of the Anzac spirit.

This special edition includes additional content such as a page of information on the history of the ANZACS and the shared experience of ANZAC and Turkish soldiers, as well as a ‘How to draw Anzac Ted’ activity page.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 32 Pages | EkBooks

Belinda Landsberry is a children’s author and illustrator. She brings an ideal combination of talents to her work, having formerly trained as a primary school teacher and graphic designer. Mother to four children — two grown-up and two teenagers — Belinda will hold the impressive record of having made school lunches for 30 years straight when her youngest daughter finishes school in 2018!

Anzac Ted has made the shortlist for West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award 2016 in the category of Best Picture Book.

The Award operates by inviting young readers to nominate, through their libraries, books that they have enjoyed. These nominations are then considered by the WAYRBA committee.

We love this book and it is good to know that the audience for whom they were written loves them too.

Congratulations to Belinda Landsberry and EK Books publisher Anouska Jones!

Get Kids Booked (Instagram 12.8K followers)
“This is the 10th Anniversary edition of a popular picture book. Anzac Ted looks different to other teddies, and he sometimes scares children, but he is a special bear that holds many secrets and memories. As you read this story, you get an insight into what the soldiers at war might have been through, from the eyes of Anzac Ted.”

Sunday Telegraph
“A mascot for the soldiers, Anzac Ted was a hero. At the end of the book is a brief history of the Anzacs and the enemy nations who became friends”

Just Kids Lit
“Belinda’s story is beautifully crafted through her use of rhyme and gentle watercolour illustrations and Anzac Ted is brought to life through her lyrical description”

Love Four Reading (via instagram 61K followers)
“In rhyming text this is an excellent book for young children to understand Anzac Day with information in the back and this new edition includes a QR code with an outline for children to create their own Anzac Ted drawing.”

“This sensitively crafted book serves as an introduction to the Anzac story for children aged 4 – 8, one which is sure to even touch the heart of adults.”

Kids’ Book Review
“This book should be on every child’s bookcase and in every library, to remind us all of the sacrifice made for the freedom of millions of people. I got goosebumps when I read this book.”

“I love this book for introducing children to the concept of Anzac Day.”

The Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
“Anzac Ted is one of just a handful of books about WWI) suitable for sharing and exploring with the K-2 brigade to help them understand. Now 10 years on from its original publication which was timed for the centenary of this special commemoration, and with a special cover and including additional content such as a page of information on the history of the ANZACS and the shared experience of ANZAC and Turkish soldiers, as well as a ‘How to draw Anzac Ted’ activity page. to celebrate its endurance, this story remains a must-have and a must-share in your collection.”

Buzz Words
“This story is as fresh and relevant today as it was ten years ago. Anzac Ted is an important picture book for children 4 to 8 years. It is a book to treasure and is held in high regard by teachers because it’s a great teaching resource that matches the school curriculum. The topic is told so sensitively that it captures hearts and minds of all ages not just children. It’s appealing to parents, teachers and librarians.”Click here to read in full

Northern Beaches Mums
“I love how Anzac Ted communicates the Anzac legacy to children. This story is beautifully written and one that should be treasured. With ANZAC Day coming up next month, this is a great story to introduce children to what it means. My daughter (7) has heard stories about the ANZACs and the significance of the 25th of April, and loved hearing about this very special bear.” – Chantal, a Northern Beaches Mum”Click here to read in full

Just So Stories
“This has been a best-seller since its first release and it is no surprise to anyone who has read and shared it. The new edition is a beautiful hardback (love that textured binding) with additional backmatter: a full page of information about the ANZAC campaign and a QR code to take readers to a colouring in page and a how-to-draw Ted activity.”

Kids’ Book Review
“This year is the 10th Anniversary Edition written and beautifully illustrated by Belinda Landsberry. The end papers are particularly poignant as the Anzac kit is spread across the pages. It is timely to celebrate this edition of Anzac Ted as Anzac Day approaches.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“The story and importance of the Anzac Legend is rather difficult to convey to younger children. The story presents themes on many different levels, but all of them accessible to the reader.”

RSL WA, May 2018
“It’s easy to see why so many teachers have chosen this book as their preferred ANZAC Day read. Anzac Ted is a beautiful piece of literature and the perfect way to introduce children to the ANZAC Legend.” – Click here to read in full

The Area News, May 2018
“Anzac Ted is about a teddy bear who is looking a bit torn and tattered, but he has a pretty special history” – Click here to read in full

Downtown Sight & Sound / ABC Centre Ballina, March 2016
“It’s so beautiful!!! The BEST children’s ANZAC book I’ve ever seen!”

Magpies Magazine
“This book will be enjoyed by school children studying Anzac Day and World War I, as well as those who have a heart for teddy bear stories”

Boomerang Magazine, April 2015
“Perfect for reading aloud with someone you cherish or soaking up the atmospheric sepia illustrations alone”

Yours Magazine, April 2015
“every time it is read it lets the soldiers who are no longer with us live on, gives those serving their due”

The Haven Magazine, April 2015
“As we celebrate the centenary of Anzac Day this month, here’s a story to share with the kids”

Practical Parenting, April 2015
“A poignant picture book with stunning watercolour illustrations”

Parenting without Tears Blog, April 2015
“a very special kind of book”

The Cove, April 2015
“Anzac Ted may look scary, but this old bear is an unsung hero”

Jigsaw Magazine – Family Day Care Australia, April 2015
“I thoroughly enjoyed the book, as did the children and after reading it we talked about the Anzacs and what it meant for us”

The Book Chook Blog – Review, March 2015
“Children will love the detailed pictures of the teddy hero – battle scarred, patched and missing bits. I am sure they will remember their own loved teddies and connect with the story even more”

Swings and Roundabouts, March 2015
“The watercolour illustrations are beautiful, particularly the sepia-toned illustrations of the yesteryear. The author/illustrator has cleverly separated the two time periods by using sepia-toned illustrations for the past, while the colour illustrations depict the present. A book to be shared in large or small groups or one-on-one.”

Tots and Teens, March 2015
“Anzac Ted is a spectacular story that both adults and children will enjoy reading time and again.”

Literacy Blog, March 2015
“This is a lovely picture book for children aged 4-6 years that will allow very young children to access just as little of the Anzac legend.”

Sydney Morning Herald, March 2015
“…this is another fitting tribute to one family’s experience of war and to the war stories and memorabilia that are handed down from generation to generation.”

Scan Magazine, March 2015
“Told in rhyming verse, this picture book provides a gentle introduction to the ANZAC story”

Reading Time, March 2015
“A simple verse story with powerful evocative illustrations…especially suitable for upper primary children as they learn about the ANZAC event and other elements of World War , and indeed all wars”

The Pregnancy Centre, March 2015
“A heart rending story, touching the depths of spirit of the Anzacs”

Review – Coast Magazine, March 2015
“This superb book is filled with beautiful watercolour illustrations and is sure to win hearts old and young”

Ladies in Racing, February 2015
“this battered old bear is an unsung hero.”

Buzzwords, January 2015
“Anzac Ted is a poignant and touching book … visually striking … a beautiful and important book: especially as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War 1 and in particular the Gallipoli campaign.”

Playground Queensland Book Review – January 2015
Anzac Ted is a unique children’s book, including stunning watercolour illustrations … Anzac Ted’s themes of love, acceptance and the importance of family will resonate with adult readers … and with older readers for whom the war themes and illustrations will be touching  and nostalgic.”

Totline – January 2015
“This is a heartfelt and beautifully illustrated book encompassing hope in the face of fear, a family’s heritage and our national legacy.”

The Mummy Project,  December 2014

‘There’s no doubt that war and conflict can be hard concepts for children to understand. Anzac Ted helps to explain the Anzac legacy to the younger generation. The book, written and illustrated by Belinda Landsberry starts with a description of a raggedy scary-looking teddy bear Anzac Ted that is the object of disdain at Show and Tell at school……………………………………………….. Focusing on themes of war, conflict, family and love, this is a very special children’s book. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign next April, share the story of Anzac Ted and the Anzacs and remember their sacrifice.’ – Read full review here.

Mother & Baby, November 2014
‘…..Reading picture books is also a great way to help your children understand this complex side to our history.  Anzac Ted is a beautiful story that gently teaches children about the sacrifices that Australians had to make during war, in a way that they can understand…….’

Kids’ Book Review, November 2014
‘…….As we approach 2015 and the 100th anniversary of the departure of the first Anzacs, Anzac Ted offers parents and teachers a very age-appropriate way of sharing the story of Australia’s First World War soldiers with children………..’ – Read full review here

Today Show Channel 9 – Thursday 6th November 2014


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