Today in New Zealand History (Paperback)

From the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Alexander Turnbull Library, this glorious, fully illustrated discovery of New Zealand’s key times brings history to life. The 3rd edition, now in paperback! Each day of the year features a story ranging from the nation-forming to the quirky. A timeline lists key events that have shaped the course of New Zealand’s political and constitutional development, while Born on this Day boxes scattered throughout provide details on around 100 figures of significance to New Zealand history.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback| 280 x 210 mm | Approximately 500 Colour Photographs | 304 Pages |

Neill Atkinson is Chief Historian at Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage, where he leads the content team responsible for the NZHistory and Te Ara websites. He has written six books on aspects of New Zealand’s political, labour and transport history.

Editor and historian David Green is particularly interested in New Zealand’s race relations and sporting history.

Production editor Gareth Phipps works with public history content on the Ministry’s NZHistory, Te Ara and Vietnam War websites.

Senior Historian Steve Watters has written extensively for NZHistory and leads a number of the Ministry’s educational initiatives in schools.

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“Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools will find this a very handy resource. The writing is concise and easy to read and the choice of events are balanced; sometimes sad, surprising, interesting and weird. Every library needs one.” Click here to read more

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“This is one of those books that should be in every school in New Zealand, if not every home…The layout is perfect for dipping into and reading interesting snippets.” Click here to read more

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