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Dear Writer,

Travel has, for many of us, never been easier and more accessible. For barely the cost of a meal out, it’s easy to hop a flight and find ourselves in an entirely new city or country, unable to speak the local language, confront and fascinated by sights, sounds, and experiences that are entirely new.

But just because travel is getting easier doesn’t mean it is no longer scary. The fears of travel are different from all of us. For some, the danger may lie in braving the wilder parts of this world, where physical danger – man-made or natural – is genuinely life-threatening. For others, the fear may be simpler; the fear of missing home, of our own physical frailty, of pushing the limited of our comfort zone.

This month, we have partnered with the travel platform Intrepid Times to run a travel writing challenge that celebrates overcoming fear on the road. The winning entries will be compiled in a book that will be published by Exisle across the English speaking world (in the same style as our Timeless Wisdom books, except this time with no guide-lines about the age of the author).

The “Fearless Footsteps Travel Writing Challenge” is open for submission now, and entry is free of charge. To get your work in, visit IntrepidTimes.com >>,

We can’t wait to see what you have!

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