Submission Guidelines

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Exisle Publishing is a traditional publisher of non-fiction titles including self-help, health, popular psychology, travel, business, current affairs, military history, and alternative lifestyle.

Please note: we do not publish poetry, educational or academic books, nor do we publish fiction. 

For submission of children’s titles visit our children’s imprint EK Books for further details.

We welcome submissions and suggestions for publishing from literary agents and from new and established authors.
All submissions and publishing ideas, no matter what market they are intended for, must be emailed to [email protected] with ‘[THE TITLE OF YOUR BOOK] – Exisle Publishing Submission‘ as the subject line.

To ensure that appropriate attention is given to your submission we request the following:

  • Your complete manuscript – the more we can see of your book the better equipped we will be to make a positive decision
  • Exclusive submissions only – we are not interested in looking at books that are also under consideration by other publishers
  • Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, in an easy-to-read typeface, with a wide margin. Make sure pages are numbered.
  • If your proposed book includes photographs, please include a selection of photocopied photographs (not originals), and indicate if you will be supplying transparencies or digital files if the book is accepted for publication.
  • Your submission must be accompanied by:
    • A written proposal (we suggest 2–4 pages), explaining why your book should be published, who will buy the book (i.e. the intended audience), and why and how it is different from other books on the subject (be specific and refer to any competing titles that you know of).
    • A chapter breakdown of the contents of the manuscript (normally 1–2 pages).
    • A list of any previous work you have had published and some background information about yourself. Specify your qualifications for writing the book.

Note: In all cases make sure that you include full contact details: name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.

NB: Exisle does not carry insurance for submissions, so always keep a copy of your work.

We receive hundreds of submissions every month and all manuscripts are carefully read and assessed. However, we can only respond to those who are successful as otherwise far too much time would be taken up sending out ‘no thanks’ letters. 

If we do not contact you within three months of submission, please assume that we have decided not to pursue your manuscript and we will not be directly in touch. 

Please send all submissions to:

[email protected] with ‘[The Title of Your Book] – Exisle Publishing Submission‘ as the subject line.