ISBN: 9780645418408

Odd Sock Sid

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Due to be Release in ANZ October 2023  ( UK/US Due for Release June 2024)

Sid the octopus loves socks, and he has LOTS. Every night he delights in counting his matching sets of eight, hung throughout his house in neat rows. When the socks start disappearing one by one, Sid’s life is thrown into turmoil. One missing sock means seven odd socks, and soon the odd socks’ box is overflowing. It fills a room and, pretty soon, has straggled out the door. Sid decides to stage a stake out to catch the thieves in the act. He uncovers the stolen stash, secreted away by a troupe of sneaky mice in need of a cosy nest. But the socks are ruined – chewed and smeared with food – and all seems lost. Only when he tips out his odd socks to bid them goodbye, does Sid see his mountains of mismatched treasures in a new light. Odd Sock Sid is a light-hearted mystery, rich with color and pattern, littered with matching and counting fun, and featuring an underlying message of the importance of embracing change.

Specifications: Hardcover | 245 x 245mm | 32 Full Colour pages | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication


Encouraged by artistic parents, Heidi spent much of her early life drawing, but she fell in love with ceramics at university and spent the next 20 years covered in clay.

In 2014, Heidi found herself with three children under four, and joined an online illustration challenge during naptime to stay sane. She was offered her first illustration contract six months later. Cupboards overflowing with picture books inspired Heidi to start putting words to her pictures, and her first book as author/illustrator, Kate and the Thing, was released in 2018.

Heidi enjoys writing quirky stories with engaging characters and illustrates digitally using ‘watercolor’ brushes and multiple layers.

With more than a dozen books under her belt, Heidi now divides her time between illustrating, writing and playing with clay

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