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Mama’s Chickens

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Award winning author uses backyard chickens to give us a child’s-eye view of early-onset dementia. As Mama loves and cares for her chickens, her kids learn lessons about disability and acceptance. Children will relate to the endearing chickens, while the author uses her own experience to depict early-onset dementia in a realistic but age-appropriate way. Dementia doesn’t only affect the elderly; this story shines a supportive, much-needed light on a reality many families face.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

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Michelle Worthington is an award-winning author of empowering picture books for children. Two-time winner of the International Book Award for Children’s Hardcover Fiction and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award for Children’s Literature and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in picture books. She is dedicated to encouraging a strong love of reading and writing in young children.

Nicky Johnston is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. She has several bestselling titles published in Australia and overseas, and as a primary teacher and acclaimed presenter, Nicky’s aim is to inspire young children to use their imagination and develop their own ideas.

“The book is chook full (see what I did there?) of sweet metaphors, showing the children and chickens feeling interchanging, which I love because illness of any kind is often a whole family experience, children and pets included. It is so important to acknowledge that and this wonderful story/book does this beautifully.”


“his gentle story from EK Books, a publishing house that promotes ‘books with heart on issues that matter’ will inform readers about forms of dementia that afflict some families. In this story the chickens are a source of keeping alive memories for the woman and a bridge between her and her children, a common activity that they can share.” Click here to read

Reading For Sanity 

“it may bring desperately needed peace, understanding, and comfort to the heart of a child.”

The Strawberry Post

“tackles the issue of early on-set dementia in a way that is easy for children to learn about and explore. The book can help adults to show children what might happen when a family member they know might be diagnosed with this condition and how despite what may happen, their love for their family member and that person’s love for them will never be forgotten.”

Byron Bibliotherapy
“A masterful book about an important topic..” 

Who Magazine
“This beautifully told story by Michelle Worthington, draws on her own experience of progressive nonfluent aphasia and tackles an important subject in ways that children can relate to.”

Blue Wolf Reviews
Mama’s Chickens is a special story..” Click here to read

Just So Stories
 “A story of acceptance of disability in the sure knowledge that even when a loved one can’t always respond in the way we expect or are used to, we know they still love us and we love them.” Click here to read

Radio National Breakfast
“Speaking is only one form communicating, there are so many other ways you can express love. That is the message I wanted to get across in Mama’s Chickens .”

Kids’ Book Review
“This tale might have wept with candied sentimentality but thanks to Worthington’s considered, unadorned narrative and Johnston’s unobtrusive, gentle water-coloured renditions of this family’s home and backyard, the story chimes with honesty and hope.”Click here to read

North Shore Mums
The book has initiated open and honest communication with my daughter (who is 7 years old), where we have spoken about dementia not only affecting the elderly and what symptoms such as memory loss, confusion and acting unlike themselves looks like.”Click here to read

What Book Next
It’s a story full of love, compassion, and understanding.” Click here to read

The Pregnancy Centre
 This beautiful picture book by award-winning Australian author, Michelle Worthington, uses the writer’s own experience of early onset dementia to explore the topic in a child friendly way.” Click here to read

Bottom Shelf
“the one thing that permeates both the book and the reality, is that undying, unconditional love between parent and child that can never be underestimated …- and if that is the only message a young reader takes from this, then job done and done well, Michelle Worthington.” Click here to read

Brisbane Sunday Mail
Ran a feature article. “ Ms Worthington is releasing a new book, Mama’s Chickens, which she hopes will raise awareness and help children understand what dementia can look like when their carer suffers from it”

Picture Book Parents
“The warm tones in the overall design and artwork for Mama’s Chickens keep the mood of the book joyful and that is the overall message that children can take away—Mama’s love is constant no matter what challenges the family experiences.”

Books + Publishing
“Michelle Worthington has written over a dozen books for children. With Mama’s Chickens, her writing expertise, as well as her personal experience with dementia, is evident in the spare text and storytelling format. The result is a beautiful and sensitive portrayal of a potentially heavy subject, which will allow readers from two through six articulate and understand their own feelings.” Click here to read

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