Grandpa’s Noises

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Children love laughing about body noises. In Grandpa’s Noises, a range of sounds and words coming from body and mouth are explained in a warm and funny intergenerational romp. For example, ‘Eyenolessgofurawark’ is obviously Grandpa-speak for ‘I know, let’s go for a walk’. But some sounds — like the ‘Fffffffft’ that sometimes escapes Grandpa’s bottom — need no explanation!

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SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback/Paperback | 215 x 288 mm / 8.5 x 11.25 inches | Colour | 32 Pages

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Gareth St John Thomas has been immersed in the world of books since he started working in his father’s publishing company at the age of 6, packing books. His publishing career has taken him around the world, and since founding Exisle Publishing 25 years ago, he has seen the company grow to distribute its titles in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Gareth’s love of seeing the world through the eyes of a child influenced the development of Exisle’s children’s picture book imprint, EK Books, while his education as a historian has guided his approach to publishing social history books throughout his career, and now through Exisle’s newest imprint, Emotional Inheritance.

Colin Rowe is a graphic designer and illustrator with his own company, Corvus Design Services. Throughout his career, Colin’s images for children have appeared in a multitude of marketing publications and products throughout the UK; Grandpa’s Noises is his first adventure into children’s book illustration.

Educating Young Children  review
“It is a long time since I have giggled through an entire children’s book. A great read for young and old. A chance for children to reflect on the older family figures in their lives and a chance for adults to see themselves and others through the eyes of a child.”

“The book shows a kind and loving relationship between the main character and their grandfather. It also helps children feel more comfortable with aging and see it as not such a strange and scary thing.” Click here to read more

Swings and Roundabouts
“Children love exploring body noises and this book does it in a tasteful and fun way as well as putting the child the driver seat to decipher the many noises of Grandpa The book isn’t too heavy in text and the illustrations are as gentle as the text. It is great to read to both small and large groups from 3+ years.”

Hip Little One
“This month marks 13 years since I left my home country, my family and my loved ones behind to move to Australia. Time really does fly and the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is totally true as well. My old Opa is now 96 years old and I would give a small fortune to be able to visit him today. Whether you have a grandpa, a poppy, an opa or a pa, this gorgeous EK Books release celebrates the funny side of them all.” Click here to read in full.

Mums At The Table reviewed
“likely to elicit laughter… while celebrating the strong loving bond between grandfather and grandchild.”

Buzz Words review
” this enjoyable book treads a sensitive path through the potential problems of an important family relationship. In the closing scene, the ginger cat, Grandpa and the sheep are happy and relaxed. We have the sense that the child-narrator, also, is serene and secure within their extended family.” Click here to read

Sunday Telegraph Review
“a riot of onomatopoeias wonderful to read aloud.”

Pinerolo Review
“Grandpas are notorious for body noises! This amusing book doesn’t hold back as the pictures and large type follow this grandpa through the day” Blog review
“My grandchildren loved going through the book page by page and found it hilarious making the different bodily noises. They loved identifying the noises and saying “You do that Grandad”” Click here to read more

Nayu’s Reading Corner
I hope that reading this book will help younger readers understand why the body isn’t always quiet, that noises are perfectly natural and some bodies are noisier than others. People can be embarrassed about noises so only laugh if they laugh too.” Click here to read more

Chicken and Frog Bookshop review
“Grandpa’s Noises delivers in so many ways. From the fun illustrations, to the all-too-true issues surrounding Grandpa and his various sounds. Grandpa’s Noises is not only a fun story but acts as a guidebook of a favourite family member.” Click here to read more 

Miss Jenny’s Classroom reviewed
“With so many kids growing up away from their grandparents it is even more important they understand the older generation”. Grandpa’s Noises is a gorgeous story about the sounds and words that come from the body and mouth of one amusing grandad!Click here to read

Creative Kids Tales review
“Children and adults will enjoy mimicking Grandpa’s sounds while reading aloud to this entertaining story” Click here to read.

Blue Wolf review
“an absolutely riotous read … offers a celebration and understanding about life and growing older.” Read the review in full here.

Educate Empower review
“Grandpa’s Noises is a fun book that will make children laugh and wonder. They will see the fun that can be had with words.” Read the review in full here.

New Idea review
“With so many kids growing up away from their grandparents it is even more important they understand the older generation”. Grandpa’s Noises is a gorgeous story about the sounds and words that come from the body and mouth of one amusing grandad! Click here to read

Dim’s Write Stuff
“This cleverly conceived and executed picture book by, Gareth St John Thomas, spotlights grandpa’s day through the cacophony of noises that he utters both verbally and physically; some involuntarily like his bottom burps and trilling hearing aid. Relatable and realistic with plenty to share and laugh along to, Grandpa’s Noises is highly recommended both in the family and in the classroom – the perfect exploration of sound: cause and effect!.” Click here to read in full.

Kiss the Book Jr.
“I loved the use of figurative language throughout the book, especially the onomatopoeia.  Although the “bottom” noises were not to my liking, children will find the noises hilarious.” Click here to read more   


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