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The Man Behind the Myth.

A comprehensive biography of General Sir Alexander Godley, presenting for the first time a fair and balanced look at his time as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and II ANZAC Corps during World War I. While Godley is generally remembered as being a poor field commander, Terry Kinloch argues that he was in fact a capable one who had little or no ability to influence the failed battles at Gallipoli and Passchendaele that he is often seen as responsible for. Kinloch also presents, for the first time, a detailed account of Godley’s long pre- and post-World War I career in the British Army. After the war Godley returned to the British Army, eventually reaching the rank of general before retiring in 1933. During his 48-year military career, he also served on operations in Rhodesia and South Africa, as a mounted infantry instructor, in the post-war British occupation force in Germany, and as the Governor of Gibraltar.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 240 x 160 mm | 9.5 x 6.25 inches| 328 Pages

Terry Kinloch was a regular officer in the New Zealand Army for thirty years. He completed operational tours in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bougainville and Egypt, and non-operational postings in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He is a graduate of Auckland University, the Royal Military College of Science, the Australian Army Command and Staff College, and the United States Army War College. He became a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2006.

This is Terry’s third work of military history. His first two books, entitled Echoes of Gallipoli: In the Words of New Zealand’s Mounted Riflemen and Devils on Horses: In the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916–19, were published by Exisle in 2005 and 2007 respectively. The latter book was a finalist in the 2008 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. Terry Kinloch lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with his wife Carol.

Mufti Magazine – RSL Victoria  reviewed
“A well-researched book on an honest but vilified solider.”

Australian Defence Magazine reviewed.
“Kinloch makes a balanced and compelling case for reconsidering (Godley’s) legacy”.

Books + Publishing magazine article
“…the first ever full biography of General Sir Alexander Godley the British Commander who is usually blamed for the failures and Gallipoli.”

Canberra Times newspaper article
good to see he has finally scored his own bio rather than be parked in the shadow of Haig and the others.”

Good Reading review article
“Takes an in depth look at life of Sir Alexander Godley. Challenging many of the myths about the general, he seeks to paint the first fully rounded portrait of the man.” Click here to read.

Greystar newspaper segment
“He has been accused of poor judgment and a callous disregard for his men, but has history remembered him fairly? New Zealand historian Terry Kinloch thinks the thousands of descendants of the soldiers he commanded deserve to know the full story.”

RSLWA review article
“This comprehensive account clearly distinguishes Godley as a man who was wronged by history. In this way, Kinloch has done a service to the man, bringing light to information once passed over because it failed to fit the narrative of the time.” 
Click here to read.

ABC’s The Night Life television segment
“When popular understanding turns to the bumbling British generals who were said to have caused the disasters in Gallipoli and at Passchendaele Godley perhaps is the very model of what is meant. Military historian Terry Kinloch takes a different view and it is fair to say he would like the record corrected.” Click here to listen.



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