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Goddesses in You (eBook)

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Goddesses In You : Discovering the myths and archetypes that are your reality

Goddesses In You focuses on twelve goddesses, each of which relate to a feminine archetype. With profiles of sixty well-known women, Goddesses In You highlights how these archetypes shape the roles and underly the actions and emotions of most women at some stage in their lives, offering women a key to who they really are.

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Christine Lister is a wise woman, an elder and an old soul. Also, a goddess in many guises.
Using moon goddess symbolism, which echoes the rhythms of nature, she is in the winter of her life and the new moon phase. A time of new beginnings and rebirth. For Christine, this is the perfect time to share the myths that have become her reality, her truths, in the hope that you too may discover the goddesses in you.

Christine lives in a beautiful bush garden setting in outer suburban Melbourne, with her precious poodle, Bella. After working as a teacher and principal, today she is a passionate nature lover, gardener, orchid grower, writer, mentor, and speaker. Goddesses In You is Christine’s seventh book; previous titles include The Hidden Journey: Melanoma Up Close and Personal, Tahlia, You Can Do It!, In the Garden of My Delights, and three Australian Inspiration books.

Goddesses In You illuminates how archetypal patterns are the doorway into a hidden universe, the key to who you truly are.

From Greta Thunberg to Jacqueline Kennedy, influential women of today can be understood by looking at the 12 ancient goddess archetypes. Together, they span the panorama of features, the fullness of femininity, that exists in human imagination and the collective unconscious. Using an intuitive blend of mythology, psychology, feminism and spirituality and as a psychic lens, Goddesses In You reveals how you can better connect with these powerful inner forces that shape our lives.

With profiles of sixty well-known women from celebrities to activists, creatives to pioneers, Goddesses In You highlights how these underlying archetypes are the powerful invisible threads, the DNA, that shape the roles and govern the beliefs, drives, motivations, actions and emotions of most women at some stage in their lives.

Discovering how these mythological goddesses from a patriarchal past and their feminine archetypes shape behaviour and personality, influence emotions and relationships, and are responsible for the major differences in women, can awaken us to a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us. The truth is every woman is a goddess, and therefore innately divine. Goddesses In You will help you discover the myths and archetypes that are your reality.

Better Homes and Gardens
“Discover how archetypal patterns are the doorway into a hidden universe and the key to who you really are in Goddesses in You by Christine Lister.
Christine is an author, wise woman, elder and old soul, and believes every woman is a goddess.

Who Magazine 
“Using a unique blend of mythology, psychology, feminism and spirituality, Christine Lister offers a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us” 

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