Gardener’s Quiz and Puzzle Book

100 Brainteasers for Gardeners Who Know Their Onions

Test your botanical knowledge with over 100 puzzles and quizzes cultivated by garden expert Simon Arkeroyd and quiz-master Dr Gareth Moore. Show off by solving challenging anagrams of Latin species names and challenge yourself with stimulating activities aimed at improving your horticultural and botanical knowledge. Breathtaking botanical illustrations throughout and a wide range of quizzes and puzzles will ensnare and delight any gardener who thinks they know their onions

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820423| Paperback | 230 x 170mm | 224 Pages | Colour

Simon Akeroyd is a garden writer with a passion for both kitchen gardening and cooking. He contributes to numerous magazines including Grow Your Own (as the Allotment Gardener) and was also a garden and food writer for the BBC. He was previously a Garden Manager for the Royal Horticultural Society, and has worked at both RHS Wisley and Harlow Carr.

Dr Gareth Moore is a puzzle expert who has authored numerous bestselling books, including The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book and The Penguin Book of Puzzles.

Highlife  Magazine
“Love puzzles? Love gardens? Here’s a book that brings the two together, with every sort of botanical brainteaser, word play, conundrum and puzzle you could want.” Click here to view

Friends of The Botanic Gardeners Magazine
“This collection of brainteasers will give your botanical and horticultural knowledge a workout”.

“If you are looking for a festive gift for a garden lover … this quiz book is sure to entertain. It’s lavishly decorated with full colour illustrations throughout”.

ABC’s Gardening Australia 
“This beautifully illustrated book entertains and informs”.

Canberra Times
“includes 100 brainteasers to ensnare any gardeners who think they know their onions. Anagrams, plants from novels, botanical beverages, a bit of Latin are accompanied by charming illustrations.”Click here to view


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