Fear and Courage

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True Stories That Reveal the Depths of the Human Experience

We have all felt fear, whether it’s our racing heart as we make a speech or the profound awareness of our own mortality as we await medical results.

Of course, the flip-side of fear is courage, as Nelson Mandela famously said, ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.’

25 true stories capture the full range of the fear and courage experience in the second book of the ‘Timeless Wisdom’ Series. At times humorous, often poignant, these stories shine a light on just what it means to be human.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820065 | Hardback | 227 x 170 mm / 9 x 6.75 inches | 232 Pages

Timeless Wisdom

The ‘Timeless Wisdom’ series showcases a diverse range of true stories collected from around the world, all contributed by mature writers as part of an international competition. Interspersed between the stories are memorable quotes touching on each book’s theme. The resulting books are inspiring, surprising and profoundly enriching.


Renée Hollis is an author, photographer and organizer of collaborative projects for creative artists. Her goal with ‘Timeless Wisdom’ is to create an opportunity for writers to share a powerful message with thousands of readers and contribute to be a highly collectible, beautifully produced series.

The Senior
“Features 25 true stories from people from all over the world, all of whom are aged 65 or older.. Sometimes funny and often poignant, the book features stories bound to linger in the mind long after reading. ” Click here to read in full

National Seniors Australia
“Read real life stories from everyday people who have done extraordinary things” Click here to view


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