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Easy Peasy

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Easy Peasy follows Ruby, who has just received sparkly roller skates as a present from her dad. Ruby is convinced it will be easy to learn how to roller skate and dismisses her dad when he offers to help her. But after a few tumbles, Ruby realizes it isn’t as easy as she thinks and that she might need his help after all! Embracing themes of independence, perseverance, and family relationships, Easy Peasy is a fun, engaging story for children learning how to do something for the first time.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

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Ky Garvey has two sons diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Her sons inspire her to write fun and engaging stories that turn challenges into triumphs in a way that is supportive, inclusive and empowering. She also writes and hosts the podcast Totally Lit!

Amy Calautti loved to draw from a young age and often made up games based around drawing to entertain her younger brother and cousins. She now lives with her small tribe of humans who inspire her every day.

Reading Time
“This book explores themes of resilience, persistence and perseverance, determination, independence, goal setting, and relationships. But also focuses on the valuable lesson of accepting or asking for help when you need it.”

The Strawberry Post
“a lovely book showing kids that it’s ok to be frustrated with learning something new”

Easy Peasy will appeal to all children who love attempting new things. It demonstrates that we all need some help at the beginning, to build up confidence and ensure we start on the right foot and that parents too have a part to play, one of gentle encouragement and just being there.” Click here to read

Northern Beaches Mums
a fun and engaging story that is perfect for children who are learning how to do something for the first time.:Click here to read

ReadPlus “An unabashed teaching tool, this story tells children to try and try again and then ask for help, help they know will be eagerly given.” Click here to read,

South Sydney Herald
“A bright berry of a book .. clever and cheerful” Read the review here

Just So Stories
“This is a happy feel good story which would be not just a fun read-aloud but a really useful addition to your suite of resources for positive learning skills.” Read the review here

School Days Magazine
“It is a lovely picture book with a gentle way of explaining to younger children that it can be a good idea to get help to learn and master new things..” Read the review here

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Easy Peasy is a charming story made quite special by the wonderful illustrations.” Read the review here

Karen Tyrrell @karentyrellauthor
“A rollerskating extravaganza with themes of resilience, family and learning new skills.”

What Book Next
“A brightly illustrated picture book using a mixed media style of collage and illustration, showing young readers it’s okay to ask for help if you need it (especially if it means they won’t miss out on something as wonderful as roller skating.)” Read the review here

Just So Stories
“This is a happy feel good story which would be not just a fun read-aloud but a really useful addition to your suite of resources for positive learning skills.”. Click here to read

Picture Book Club – @picturebookbc
“Lots of fun, with awesome messaging and a dash of sparkle”.

Picture Book Parents
“The artwork for Easy Peasy is super bright and fun, making sure the themes of persistence, resilience and learning are always child friendly and appealing.”

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