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The Changing Man: A Mental Health Guide

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Due for release May 2023

A Mental Health Guide

Too many men are suffering with their emotional health issues in silence, and male suicide rates are high. Men are affected by everyday stress, high workloads, anxiety and depression, loss of confidence or identity, relationship breakdowns, family disruption, addictions and trauma — just the same as women. But society has placed a stigma on men’s mental health. Men have found it hard to reach out in the past because of a sense of shame that comes from our society. But men are changing. They are re-defining what it is to be ‘strong’, and are more open to understanding their emotions and reaching out for help.

The Changing Man: A Mental Health Guide explores a range of issues affecting men’s emotional health and wellbeing, and provides a collection of tried and tested tools to ensure no man suffers in silence again. From dealing with addiction, to bettering relationships, overcoming depression, working through sexuality concerns and realising that it is okay not to be okay, The Changing Man’s methods and knowledge may just change your emotional health for the better. No shame. No silence. No anger.

Specifications: Empower | Paperback | 198x 129mm | 288 pages

Dr Cate Howell is a GP, therapist, educator and author. She had a Year 2000 Churchill Fellowship and completed a PhD on depression. In 2012 Cate was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to mental health. Cate currently works as a General Practitioner with Defence, and also has a private practice focusing on mental health and various teaching activities.

Alex Barnard is an educator and musician, recently studying a postgraduate psychology degree. Alex has been passionate about mental health and wellbeing since he was a teenager, especially anxiety and depression prevention and intervention.

Army News
The Changing Man, makes the very valid point that it is okay not to be okay. It’s what we do next that matters the most”

 5MU SA Today
“A modern guide that helps gents explore their emotions and seek help without fear of judgement”

ABC Hobart Breakfast with Ryk Goddard
“Raises a really interesting question about men and our illiteracy about our own feelings. An amazingly helpful, practical guide”

Health Times
“explores a range of issues affecting men’s mental health and provides tools to prevent them from suffering in silence.” Click here for the full review.

Anxiety Gone
“…practical guide to overcoming common mental health issues that affect millions of men…”



Time for change in relation to men’s mental health issues

Men have been suffering in silence about their mental health for too long. Suicide rates in men are three times higher than for women, and several thousand men die by suicide each year in Australia. We have a crisis and it is time for change.

Mums at the Table

The hidden danger men face-and how you can help

Just like women, men experience a range of mental health issues, such as stress, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, substance-related issues, autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, men are less likely than women to seek help for mental health issues, and they may delay or avoid getting help.

Nine Radio Syndicate Interview with Luke Grant

“fantastic – it’s almost like a work book.”

The Mental Health Show with Mark Aiston

“We should be telling people to be as open and honest and vulnerable as we can”

Riverland ABC Radio – Breakfast Interview

Interview with Cate Howell about Men’s mental health in rural settings begins at 1hr 5min.
Listen here

Johnny and Davo on Fresh 92.7

Interview with Dr Cate Howell begins at 16:40

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