PUG: How to be the Best You

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Pugs have been the favorite pets of Chinese Emperors, and even lived with Tibetan Monks, so it’s not surprising they’ve gathered a wealth of wisdom over the centuries.

This delightful, illustrated book will put a smile on everyone’s face. Humorous and beautiful illustrations, combined with words of wisdom from PUG, take readers on an inspirational journey. Who would have thought that PUG stands for Philosophical Universal Guidance?

An excellent gift for all ages, or a fun coffee table item, How To Be The Best You will be loved by millions of people the world over.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 225 x 203 mm / 8 x 8 Inches | Colour | 64 Pages |

Helen James, a native Australian, spent 25 years in the USA where she owned a successful design and wholesale gift company.  During her multi-faceted career she has also worked as a graphic artist, clinical psychologist, corporate consultant & executive.  She has had a life-long interest in what makes people tick

The Australian
“This funny, thoughtful book by US-based Australian Helen James puts a pug in lots of different situations, usually with other animals, to consider notions such as perspective, empathy, gratitude, compassion, confidence, perseverance and tolerance.
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Dogs Victoria
When you view your circumstances in the context of the wider world, it keeps everything the right size” – 
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Adelaide Sunday Mail
“This adorable book will inspire even as it makes you smile”

Financial Review
“Ms James is a real talent and these paintings are a pleasure to browse. There’s something about seeing a pug diving with dolphins that makes one forget whatever they might have been worrying about beforehand.” 
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Australian Dog Lover
“This adult self- help book will delight readers (not just Pug lovers) with its beautiful colourful illustrations and simple thought provoking text.” 

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Everyone needs this book in their life. It is a wonderful, simple guide to a happy, healthy way of peaceful living. It’s a book that almost needs a hug. The author is to be congratulated on the messages she has to share and the way she has presented it.”

Gift Guide
“a gorgeous gift book that will appeal to adults who might not usually find themselves drawn to the self-help section”

Foreword Reviews
“perfect for dog lovers of all ages who are in need of a little motivation.”

Unity Words
“This colourful book is perfect for a central location in your home, on the lunchroom table at work or a gift for someone who needs a boost. And, the most wonderful realisation is that this book will be enjoyed by all age groups.”

Colin Douglas – Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Mentor. 
“I have decided to use PUG: How to be the Best You as an inspirational aid for my personal and leadership development workshops as well as something to give my coaching clients. I think PUG will help them deal with their personal challenges of life, and provoke thoughts around how we all can be a better and happier person.”
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Illuminating Wisdom: Words of Wisdom, Works of Art

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Illuminating Wisdom brings art and wisdom together in a beautiful celebration of some of the world’s most inspiring philosophical, spiritual and literary quotes.

Approximately 80 quotes have been drawn from some of the great wisdom and literary traditions of both East and West, as well as from inspiring people throughout history noted for their practical wisdom. These quotes have been set to exquisite calligraphy by Deirdre Hassed, a leading professional calligrapher, in a range of styles — from the traditional to the contemporary, and making use of many and varied techniques such as gilding, collage, work on glass, letterpress and linoprinting.

Accompanying each artwork is text by Craig Hassed, an international expert in mindfulness, that provides background on the quote’s author, explores the wisdom tradition to which it belongs, and offers deep insight into the meaning of the quote. The result is a book that is both a work of art and a collection of wisdom that will educate and inspire.

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