What Makes You Happy?

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What do you want most in life? Most people just want to be happy. Sounds straightforward, but what does happiness really look like? Many of us lead lives that are rushed, stressful and often unfulfilling, meaning we are unable to be truly happy.

Psychologist Fiona Robards has the good news: taking simple steps to support your wellbeing, like finding opportunities to connect with others, can make a considerable difference. Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest impact, and this remarkable book will show you how even making small changes can lead to big improvements in your life.

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Fiona Robards is a psychologist with four Masters degrees: in Psychology, Art Therapy, Management and Public Health. A senior lecturer, Fiona teaches Medical and Public Health students at the University of Sydney and UNSW Medical Schools. She regularly presents at international conferences and has significant academic publications, including academic book chapters, journal articles and reports. Fiona is passionate about solution-focused and other strength-based approaches.

Over five years, Fiona researched What Makes You Happy?, synthesising ideas from her studies, counselling and management practice. In the resulting book, she encourages you to find simple solutions to everyday happiness — for yourself, for others and the environment.

Goodreads, October 2014

“In What Makes You Happy? psychologist Fiona Robards has created a powerful tool for transforming your life. By focusing on ten life domains ranging from finances to relationships, personal style to caring for and making use of practical exercises and searching questions, it guides you down the path to finding your own simple solutions to everyday happiness.”

Dr Philippa Collin Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society University of Western Sydney

“Young or old, we are all looking for ways to make our lives and those of the people around us happier. In this accessible and timely contribution, Fiona Robards makes asking the question What makes you happy? – and working towards answers – infinitely easier. This deceptively simple book helps the reader to identify pathways through the complexity of modern life, by identifying the roadblocks, and the strengths and resources that are within and around us. Whether you are 15 or 50 this book offers insights and practical strategies for opening up spaces to cultivate happiness in a range of life domains. With sensitivity to the small and big challenges we all face, What makes you happy? is the kind of book that can help us do better as individuals, parents, friends, community members and colleagues. It is a book for self-reflection and action, but also one that can helps us contribute to the happiness of those around us.”

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