World War Two at Sea

Conflict on the Oceans – 1939 to 1945

During the Second World War, battles raged not just on land and in the air but on the sea, and whichever side triumphed at sea would have an essential advantage; naval success was a crucial preliminary to the air and land campaigns that would lead to final victory.

This spectacular retelling of the naval history of WWII covers everything from submarine warfare in the Atlantic to major operations in the Pacific. With fascinating archive photographs and detailed information about significant operations, alongside some of the lesser-known aspects of the conflict, World War Two at Sea brings to life the ferocity of naval warfare.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 220 x 250 mm | Colour | 208 Pages |

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Jeremy Harwood studied history at Christ Church, Oxford, where he won an Open Exhibition and, in his final year, was awarded the Sir Keith Feiling Memorial Prize as the top history undergraduate of his year. He is the author of World War Two from Above (Exisle).

As soon as war broke out in September 1939, the conflict at sea began. It raged without respite until the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan just under six years later. World War Two at Sea retells the naval history of the war, covering all things from submarine warfare in the Atlantic to major operations in the Pacific during World War Two.

The coverage is arranged chronologically, starting with the sinking of the British passenger liner Athenia by a German U-boat just hours after war was declared and concluding with Operation Ten-Go, the last desperate attempt by the Japanese to defend Okinawa and the sinking of the Yamato, the world’s last and biggest super-battleship. Throughout, decisive battles and engagements are fully explored.

Along the way, there is coverage of some of the lesser-known aspects of the conflict. When it comes to unusual and secret weapons, you’ll find out about maiale, X-craft, kaiten, probe the mysteries of asdic, sonar and radar, and discover much, much more.

Fully illustrated throughout with a fascinating mixture of historic photographs, maps, charts and specially-devised diagrams, World War Two at Sea is compelling reading and essential reference. Above all, it demonstrates how vital it was for the war at sea to be won as an essential preliminary to the land and air campaigns that brought about final victory.


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