The Mindful Home: The Secrets to Making your Home a Place of Harmony, Beauty, Wisdom and True Happiness

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A house is merely physical but a home is far more subtle and elusive. This book takes the view that being ‘at home’ is a metaphor for finding ourselves — finding our core. What do we find at our core?

Well, if the world’s great wisdom traditions have anything to say about it then home is about qualities that we could equate with ‘good’ itself — true happiness, peace, beauty, wisdom and inspiration. It is also about the good things in life such as harmony, relationships, health and wealth. So, how are we to find our core and create a home that reminds us of the qualities associated with it? That is where the practice of mindfulness comes in! By exploring the ways in which we feed our mind and our heart through our senses, how we use space, the practicalities of managing a home, and how we can live a healthy and sustainable life at home,The Mindful Home will enable us to shape the living space we really want, creating an environment that both nurtures and invigorates us, while meeting our needs.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 184 mm / 9 x 7 ¼ Inches | 240 pages |

Dr Craig Hassed is an internationally recognised expert in mindfulness who has been instrumental in promoting mindfulness as a simple and accessible technique for enhancing wellness, preventing and managing illness, and improving performance within health, educational and corporate settings. He is the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association.

Deirdre Hassed trained in calligraphy and bookbinding and operates a professional calligraphy studio. Her life-long interest in Eastern and Western philosophy infuses her work and home.

New idea, March 2017
“Create a mindful sanctuary” Major 6 page feature on mindfulness, with Dr Craig Hassed. Click here to read in full., January 2017
“As mindfulness gathers momentum in our lives, 2017 could be the year of bringing the lifestyle trend into your home” – Extensive feature and terrific exposure for this backlist book. Click here to read the interview in full.

Grand Designs Australia, February 2018
“Teaches readers to view time spent at home as a metaphor for ‘finding oneself’ and discovering  your core … your home will transform into a sensory sanctuary.”

The Herald Sun, May 2016
“Loaded with wonderful tips on mindfulness, the book takes us through the crucial role the five senses play in creating awareness and a greater sense of connection to the objects, spaces and elements that make up our home.”

Library Journal US, December 2015
“Useful for those who are practicing this increasingly popular process presented by Craig Hassed, a doctor and expert in the field, and those desiring an aesthetically pleasing home.” 

Eastlife Magazine, November 2015

“This book is designed to help us develop environments that nurture and invigorates us, while meeting our day-to-day needs.”

 Woman & Home UK, December 2015
“Aims to help the reader live a more fulfilled life by showing how to create the living space they want and need.”

Rural Living – Design & Build Magazine, November 2015
“In the Mindful Home Dr Craig & Deirdre Hassed uncover what makes houses homes, places of harmony, beauty, wisdom and true happiness.”




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