The Essential Lingo Dictionary: of Australian Words and Phrases

The Essential Lingo Dictionary is a warts-and-all look at the notoriously hilarious (and occasionally a little bit naughty) canon of Australian slang words and phrases, casting light on the quirky, intriguing and often bizarre Australian Aussie language. A must-have for every bookshelf!
If you have wondered why his girlfriend is a ‘Sheila’ even though her name is Sophia, or why your colleagues in Melbourne’s suburbs are said to live ‘beyond the black stump’, then this book is for you.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 210 x 135 mm / 8 ⅓ x 5 ⅓ Inches | 208 Pages |

John Miller has been a journalist for over thirty-five years and is passionate about Australia’s history and heritage. As well as making extensive use of written references to compile this book, John interviewed Australians from all walks of life — from outback characters to school kids — to ensure he captured every nuance of Australia’s unique language as it is spoken today.

Mature Traveller, July 2015
“You’d be mad as a gum tree full of galahs not to get your mitts on a copy.”

Coast and Country, July 2015
“A warts-and-all look at notoriously hilarious and occasionally naughty Australian slang words, casting light on quirky, intriguing – and often quite bizarre – Aussie language.”

Australian Boat Magazine, July 2015
“will leave you with a big grin on your face every time you pick it up. It really is a gem”., May 2015
“The ultimate guide to Aussie lingo”

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