The Blind Strategist

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John Boyd and the American Art of War

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The maneuver warfare revolution has changed the state of warfare in the western world. With John Boyd’s claims that victory is won by the side which transitions through ‘decision cycles’ faster than the enemy, maneuver warfare has inherently corrupted the American art of war. Highly acclaimed military historian Stephen Robinson separates fact from fiction, finding the reality behind this controversy with an evidence-based investigation every American military history buff should read.

Specifications: 9781925820348 | Cover and Jacket | 234 x 151mm/9.25 x 6 in | 360 pages 

Stephen Robinson studied Asian history and politics at the University of Western Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours. He has worked at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs researching British atomic weapons tests and as a policy officer in the Department of Defence. Stephen has graduated from Australian Command and Staff College, worked as an officer in the Australian Army Reserve and has served as an instructor at the Royal Military College.


Stephen’s previous books include False Flags: Disguised German Raiders of World War II (Exisle Publishing, 2016) and Panzer Commander Hermann Balck: Germany’s Master Tactician (Exisle Publishing, 2019). When researching an essay on Maneuver Warfare theory at Staff College, he began to notice the connection between the theory and fraudulent history, beginning an investigation that led him to write The Blind Strategist: John Boyd and the American Art of War.

John J. Mearsheimer, University of Chicago
The Blind Strategist is a must read for all serious students of modern warfare.”

Dr. James Lacey, Marine Corps University
“Stephen Robinson makes a bold, but utterly convincing, assault on the foundations of nearly fifty years of military thinking.”

Antulio J. Echevarria II, US Army War College
“An important book, one Boyd’s advocates will not want to read, but should.”

Thomas Waldman, Macquarie University
“[An] important, engaging and meticulously researched study.”


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