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Art in Nature

Each year, photographers from around the world are invited to enter the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year competition. (ANZANG refers to the Australia–New Zealand–Antarctica–New Guinea bioregion.)Last year, 2013, David Rennie won it. His achievement was made all the more remarkable by the fact that David Rennie’s love affair with photography only began in 2007 at the age of 47.

In this magnificent book, David has included just a taste of the strikingly memorable images that now comprise his vast collection. Most are taken at the Mandurah Wetlands, south of Perth. Encompassing over 26,000 hectares, these wetlands are home to over 140 species of bird, with many migrating every year from as far away as Russia. The result is a book that will captivate not just bird lovers but all who appreciate the art we find in nature.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 260 x 260 mm / 10 ¼ x10 ¼ Inches | Full Colour Photographs | 144 pages | 

David Rennie is a late-blooming, self-taught photographer. He jokes that when he started out he thought ISO was a measurement for radioactive materials, photoshop a place where you bought camera gear, and shutter speed an indication of how fast your venetian blinds closed! Today, just six years after his love affair with photography began, he is a highly acclaimed, award-winning nature photographer, with a career that culminated in 2013 with him being crowned Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year.

David credits his bipolar disorder with helping him refine his photographic skills. During his manic phases, sleep would evade him for days — and it was during those times that he would spend days at a time watching his subjects and learning their ways, developing new techniques so that he could capture his breathtaking images. He now uses his photography to assist him in his work as a passionate advocate for conserving our wilderness areas, especially our valuable wetlands that are increasingly under threat (including the Ramsar-listed Mandurah Wetlands near his home in Western Australia).

As David says, ‘It would be gut-wrenching if our children’s children could only see what we can now through books like this and not out in nature.’

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Annette Marner speaks to David Rennie Listen here

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Bare Essentials Journal
“A magnificent book that will captivate not just bird lovers but all who appreciate the art we find in nature” 

Good Magazine, April 2015
“David’s latest book, Art in Nature, captures the raw beauty of the Mandurah Wetlands – one of the earth’s most vulnerable ecosystems and home to more than 100 bird species.

Animals’ Voice – Review March 2015
This book will captivate not just bird lovers but all who appreciate the art to be found in nature.”

The Mandurah Life – December 2014
“Art in Nature is more than a collection that show the beauty in nature’s ever changing form.It is also a book that raises awareness of the precarious nature of the environment around us.”

Australian Gift Guide – December 2014
“… strikingly memorable images … The breathtaking photography will captivate both nature and art lovers.”

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