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True rulers of our world and the key to our survival.

Lavishly illustrated with breathtaking macrophotography, this stunning insight into the world of the minibeasts reveals the critical role these true rulers of our world play in our survival. Topics covered include the jobs invertebrates (insects) perform that enable life on earth to exist, as well as how they have evolved to suit their environments. From new medical drugs to hi-tech robotics, minibeasts provide a wealth of material for humans to draw on to help solve our 21st-century problems.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 254 x 254 mm / 10 x 10 Inches  | Colour | 160 Pages |

Alan Henderson has had a fascination for invertebrates his entire life. He has successfully combined this with his other passion, macro photography, and his images have been published in books and other media throughout the world. Alan completed a BAppSc, Scientific Photography at RMIT University before beginning his zoo-keeping career in Ballarat. He created the Australian Nature Education Centre in 1995 and received the Young Australian of the Year Regional Development Award for the Centre. He was lured to Melbourne Museum and began the Live Exhibits Unit, which ultimately led to the development of the extremely popular ‘Bugs Alive!’ exhibition, and authored the award-winning book Bugs Alive – A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates. He coordinated the Unit for 11 years before leaving to operate Minibeast Wildlife full-time. His expertise in working with live invertebrates have taken him around the world, including the jungles of Costa Rica. Alan now operates Minibeast Wildlife from the tropical paradise of Kuranda, north Queensland, one of the most biologically diverse regions of Australia, particularly with regard to invertebrates.

Sharon the Librarian-
“Minibeasts is a visually stunning book and a very informative read. I think that this should be in libraries and personal collections for anyone that is even vaguely interested in photography, biology, and the natural world.” Click here to read more

NetGalley Reviews: Minibeasts

Heather Strickland (Reviewer)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

“The photography in Minibeasts is spectacular! I love that closeup and macro photography was used. This gave us readers a new look at these wonderful insects. My children and I enjoyed snuggling up and looking at all the different types of “minibeasts” What a great book for any age!!!!”

Carissa Braun (reviewer)

“Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous photography of a lovely variety of invertebrates. Each one has a little snippet about it: informative, interesting, but brief. Perfect for the casual entomologist in your life, or as an introductory piece for someone who you wish would appreciate invertebrates just a little bit more!”

John Boan-Mitchell (reviewer)

“A stunning book full of incredible photographs. Such a great selection of photos! As a teacher-librarian, always looking for examples of text features that help children understand how to read a non-fiction book, I greatly appreciate the breakdown into chapters, that makes sense to children. There is a well thought out balance between text and image. The use of captions was evident of a thorough knowledge of the way children read books. From the perspective of an elementary school librarian I can see this book easily captivating a young non-reader, as the pictures are stunning, while I can the older reader easily using this book to acquire information for research projects. Always so happy to see an extensive index! Will definitely be a new addition to our school library”

Sunday Telegraph newspaper feature
“A jaw-dropping series of photos has put the fascinating miniature world of “minibeasts” under the microscope…” Click here to view. photo gallery
“…giving humans an intimate insight into a bugs life.” Click here to view.

Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper article
Minibeasts uses macro photography to get readers up close to a range of creepy crawlies in their natural environment.”  Click here to view.

Adelaide Sunday Mail newspaper article
“A visual feast of colourful critters.”  Click here to view.

Herald Sun newpaper article
“…captures this fascinating miniature world.”  Click here to view.

Sunday Territorian newspaper article
“…astonishing photos…”  Click here to view.

Good Reading magazine article
“…we get to peer up close through (Alan Henderson’s) lens at the beautiful tiny creatures he finds.”
Click here to read the review in full.

ABC Sydney’s Afternoons With James Valentine radio segment
“Alan has published a beautiful book called Minibeasts, full of gorgeous photos.” Click here to download the audio.

ABC Melbourne’s Breakfast with Sami Shah radio segment
“A beautiful, beautiful book. The photography is incredible…” Click here to download the audio.

ABC Perth’s Drive with Stan Shaw radio segment
“…a stunning insight into the micro-world of insects.” Click here to download the audio.

ABC Canberra’s Afternoons with Adrienne Francis radio segment
“I’d prefer a funnel-web in front of the camera to a bride – brides really make me nervous!” [Alan Henderson on photographing Minibeasts]. Click here to download the audio.

ABC Far North Queensland’s Drive with Adam Stephen radio segment
“…offers a fascinating insight into the world of the insect kingdom whilst also highlighting their importance to their survival.” Click here to download the audio.

ABC Illawarra Mornings with Fairlie Hamilton radio segment
“You are like the Steve Irwin of the bug world!” Click here to download the audio.

Australian Wildlife Magazine review article
“a visual feast of detail and colour, capturing form and behaviour that the naked eye isn’t usually able to see when encountering these small creatures.” Click here to read in full.

2NM’s Andrew Reynolds radio segment
“…absolutely fascinating…” Click here to listen.

HOT 91.1’s Odd Jobs radio segment 
“…looks into the intricate world of minibeasts and their ecosystems that are vital for human existence. Click here to listen.

The Weekend Australian Magazine feature article
Insect porn is probably the last thing you expected to confront when you picked
up The Weekend Australian Magazine just now… Henderson’s wonderful new book on the world of invertebrates, Minibeasts, is full of such curiosities.
 Click here to read in full.

Perth Sunday Times
“Bug-eyed at insect insight…” Click here to read in full.

Organic Gardener Magazine review article
“You can’t beat one of those close-up photos that turns an itty-bitty insect into a giant extra-terrestrial monster – all evil eyes and munching mandibles – and this book is chock-a-block with them. Insect expert and macro photographer Alan Henderson presents a striking compendium of freaky insect weirdness:” 
Click here to read in full.

ABC Gardening Australia magazine article
“…showcases bizarre and beautiful creatures.” Click here to read.

The Good Organic Gardening Magazine review article
“Henderson’s macro lens gives them (minibeasts) the close-ups they deserve in all their alarming splendour.” Click here to read.

Cosmos Magazine review article
“Highly recommended, especially for young budding naturalists…”

The Starfish review article
Click here to read.

Grass Roots Magazine review article
“Both adults and children will be fascinated…” 
Click here to read.


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