Parenting for a Happier Home: The Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping your Kids on Track

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Being a parent can be tough and there are times when you just don’t have all the answers. For parents who find themselves faced with a seemingly endless spiral of conflict, poor behaviour and ineffective discipline, this is the evidence-based parenting program they’ve been waiting for. Divided into 12 sessions, it first focuses on developing a strong relationship between parent and child. Once a firm foundation of parenting strategies has been developed, the program then moves onto effective discipline. The discipline program is designed so that it is self-sustaining and allows the parent to step back from what is often an emotionally charged situation and instead use predetermined consequences. It also emphasises teaching children ownership of their behaviour.

The beauty of this program is that the principles can be used in each of the child’s environments (at home, at school, with grandparents, etc.), while it has also been designed so that any parent can use it as well as those with children who have been diagnosed with behavioural disorders such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or explosive and non-compliant behaviour. It’s a common sense, practical guide to getting your kids back on track and creating a happier home!

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Stuart Passmore is a psychologist in private practice, with extensive experience in working with individuals, couples and families. Stuart specialises in parenting children with behavioural disorders and noncompliant behaviour. He is the author of the very successful ADHD Handbook (also by Exisle Publishing).

Psych Central, January 2017
“Passmore devotes the majority of his writing to teaching parents how to improve themselves, because he believes a child’s good behavior starts with a parent’s good behavior. And that should be reassuring for any parent. Just as we hope to bring out the best in our children, we should also hope that they bring out the best in us.” – Click here to read the full review.

School Days, September 2016
“The recipe for active and reflective listening is an excellent tool for parents to use to develop communication and relationship with their children and with each other. A thorough and accessible book that is easy to read and understand. Thank you Stuart!”

Daily Telegraph, May 2016
“Reflective and active listening is vital to any relationships.”

Bright Start, May 2016
“This is an intelligent book full of sound practical advice for what is described in the title, a happier home.”

Cambridge Edition, April 2016
“The guide will encourage children to take ownership of their behaviour, and readers will learn how to repair damaged relationships and develop greater respect.”

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