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Paper Cranes

A mother’s story of hope, courage and determination

Paper Cranes is the moving story of Cheryl Koenig, a Sydney mother whose son Jonathan was left brain-damaged after an horrific car accident, and the amazing sense that together with persistence, determination, family and love, almost any challenge can be faced and conquered. Jonathan has defied the odds and lives a rich and fulfilling life.

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Cheryl Koenig won the NSW Woman of the Year Award for raising awareness about brain injury. She was born and still resides in the southern suburbs of Sydney, meeting her soulmate whilst still in school and married at the age of just nineteen. Apart from volunteering much of her free time helping to improve government policy and services in the area of brain injury, she attributes her happiness to the simplicity of nurturing and nourishing her very special family.

Cherly Koenig was awarded NSW Woman of the Year in 2009. Read about her amazing journey in Paper Cranes.

At the age of twelve Cheryl Koenig’s son Jonathan was involved in a horrific car accident. He was given very little chance of survival, and when he did miraculously pull through, doctors predicted that he would most likely never walk, talk or even eat again. Cheryl refused to accept this prognosis and set out on a relentless quest to save her son. Her fervent hope that he would one day be well again was poignantly expressed by his many school friends who filled their school prayer room with hundreds of handmade paper cranes, symbols of hope and healing.

Drawing on Cheryl’s diary from the time, Paper Cranes tells the story of Jonathan’s extraordinary courage and the Koenig family’s unceasing drive to help him defy the ominous predictions. Set against the backdrop of Cheryl’s heartfelt grief, denial and anger, the book outlines their desperate search for knowledge in the area of recovery from traumatic brain injury. At the same time she and her husband were forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of the legal system, in their search for justice for their son.

Now, ten years since his horrific accident, Jonathan can walk well, has just begun to run and is learning to drive. He can now snow ski, swim laps and play tennis and astounds many with his piano playing skills. All this as well as working five days a week in three part-time jobs!

This inspirational and uplifting story demonstrates that with the right attitude it is possible to determine your own destiny regardless of what life throws in your path.

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