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Oliver Kitten’s Diary

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Oliver Kitten’s Diary : The journals of a mischievous cat’s first year

A truly innovative book for cat and kitten lovers. Oliver Kitten was born in a firetruck and ends up living with a three-generation multigenerational human family in a four-bedroom house, Here he keeps a diary of his own escapades and the things he sees and hears his family get up to. Cute, funny, and a little naughty, Oliver can sometimes be downright wicked in his precocious observations of the things all the humans do in his house. Elegantly produced with black-and-white line drawings.

SPECIFICATIONS:   Flexi-bound | 210 x 135 mm  | 192 Pages | B&W Illustrations

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Gareth St John Thomas, is the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing, based in Australia and New Zealand. He has been involved in the book industry since he was 11 years old, when he started helping his dad at David & Charles. Now, his mission with Exisle is to bring books into the world from voices that otherwise wouldn’t have been heard, and to give readers something with heart. Gareth has written other adult and children’s books including Finding True Connections, Grandpa’s Noises, and Cats Work Like This. He divides his time between the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

A truly innovative book for cat and kitten lovers — Oliver’s naughty and precocious perceptions of humans will delight, surprise and perhaps even shock you.

Oliver Kitten was born in a firetruck and ends up living with a three-generation multigenerational human family in a four-bedroom house. He keeps a diary of his own escapades and the things he hears and sees his family get up to. At once cute and funny, Oliver is a little naughty and sometimes downright wicked in his precocious observations of the things the humans in his house get up to.

Oliver’s family includes a Scottish grandmother (whose knitting wool has adventures of its own), Clint, a sometime unpredictable two-year-old boy, the father Richard, his wife Nicole, and Lucy, their 13-year-old daughter. Lucy thinks she is Oliver Kitten’s owner and spends her life between the fridge and her bedroom, generally with Oliver in one hand and her phone in the other.

Oliver is a diligent kitten and keeps a daily diary covering everything in his life including paper shredding, leaping, purring, meowing, kneading, scratching, grooming hiding, escaping, finding sleeping places and giving licks and kisses.

Elegantly produced with black and white line drawings, Oliver Kitten’s Diary shows us a kitten evolving into a powerful and smart adult cat with lots of fun, affection, love and adventures.

The Australian
“It’s a delight!”

Cat Affairs Magazine (Published by the Cat Protection Society)
“Oliver Kitten’s Diary is a picture of a cat as accurate as it is loving; a welcome return to the charm and lilt of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, but with a modern twist of insightful depictions of realistic cat behaviour. Cat lovers of all ages will delight in Oliver’s all-too-familiar feline mannerisms regaled exactly as a cat would: on their terms …”

What Book Next
“This journal not only tells the story of a kitten growing into a cat, but also the ups and downs of his human family. I spent time smiling with Oliver as I read, then chuckling, then laughing out loud as Oliver wreaked his revenge or distaste on humans he didn’t like, or those who had wronged the humans he loves. Cat lovers will enjoy getting to know Oliver and give an insight into owning a new kitten if they haven’t had the privilege before.” Click here to read

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