Finding True Connections

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How to Learn and Write About a Family Member’s History

Our individual memories define us. Our tribal memories unite us. Emotional Inheritance works with psychologists, writers and historians to provide a premium interview and life story production service. Now, Finding True Connections clearly and simply sets out how you can undertake this process yourself, without an external interviewer. Designed as a series of double-page spreads, on the left-hand page is a prompt question, while opposite are notes on how to gain the most meaningful answers, to do yourself or to discover more about a family member.

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 Emotional Inheritance

Emotional Inheritance is a new imprint from Exisle Publishing. Capturing the wisdom of the past to enhance our future. Find out more at



Gareth St John Thomas has been immersed in the world of books since he started working in his father’s publishing company at the age of 6, packing books. His publishing career has taken him around the world, and since founding Exisle Publishing 25 years ago, he has seen the company grow to distribute its titles in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Gareth’s love of seeing the world through the eyes of a child influenced the development of Exisle’s children’s picture book imprint, EK Books, while his education as a historian has guided his approach to publishing social history books throughout his career, and now through Exisle’s newest imprint, Emotional Inheritance.

Emotional Inheritance also offers a life storytelling service provided by Exisle Publishing. Through a structured interview with an experienced writer, the story of your life will be transcribed and published as a limited edition book. To find out more visit

Westside Mommy
“This is the perfect way to give the gift of history to your family. I can’t wait to get started on this project, so I can have something documented to pass down to my children!” Click here to read more

Australian Country
“A must-have for anyone who wants to document their ancestral roots.”

Reviews by Amos Lassen
“The questions are simple yet inclusive and I wonder why no one has thought of this before (or if someone did, I am unaware of it. Here is a book you will use again and again and while it is enlightening it is also great fun” Click here to read in full reviews
“What a great concept! This book is the perfect gift to yourself and aging loved ones, capturing their memories and investing time and interest to the can-do generation.” Click here to view

5CC Port Lincoln with Keith Topolski Interviews Gareth St John Thomas.
“I thought your book was a fantastic read. There are therapeutic benefits of telling your story. It can be almost cathartic for some people”

ABC Melbourne Drive with Ali Moore interviewed author and Exisle founder Gareth St John Thomas.
“quite often it is the noisiest person in a family that gets their story told, but often it is less voluble people that have lead quite but incredibly interesting lives and it is a shame to lose some of those stories”.

ABC Capricornia Mornings interviewed author and Exisle founder Gareth St John Thomas.
“a good organised family history is a real conduit to the past and we think it is an incredibly important thing to do”

ABC Wide Bay interviewed author and Exisle founder Gareth St John Thomas. The episode was widely syndicated with the ABC local radio.
“your own family history can give you a very visceral guide to history. Its very important to understand the world we live in and often the best source of information is often within your own family”


The Irish Examiner

Keep it in the family: How best to interview a relative

Many of us would like to write about a family member but have no idea how to go about it, which is why Gareth St John Thomas’ book will be such a helpful aid, says Ailin Quinlan When publisher Gareth St John was a young child, he never took much notice of his grandad.

The Otago Daily Times

Guiding a privileged journey

The Booktopian Featured

Gareth St John Thomas on Finding True Connections

How to do your family tree

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, Radio New Zealand – Click below to listen

Julie Dixon Jackson and Richard Castle Review Finding True connections – Find it at 08:05 minutes


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